Never Miss by Melissa Koslin | Review


This is Melissa Koslin’s debut novel. It is about mystery, intrigue and more. I honestly do not care for the book.  It  seemed stilted at times.  Both the male and female lead are “unique” in that Kadance is a highly skilled sniper/assassin. Her family is a group of trained assassins for hire.  Lyndon is a scientist with 3 PhDs and an eidetic memory.  He is able to memorize and recall at will pages of information. While these traits are obviously not impossible, it just seems a reach having both of them being quite so “special”.

The Christian/faith aspect of the book is nearly non-existent in that it is termed as the “light” he sees in her. Seldom is the Christian side brought out in the book. Lyndon, the Christian in the story also curses. I know Christians are not perfect, but nor do I expect them to casually swear.

Another area that concerned me was how the physical attraction between the two is described.  Rather than a short paragraph, there is a long drawn out description that made me uncomfortable.

Basically Kadence and Lyndon meet when she saves him from being shot by a sniper. He believes an attack will occur with a release of man made Ebola. As they work together to try and stop the attack, they have to keep the master mind from stopping them as well as Keep away from Kadence’s family who want her back in the family business.  There are a few other twists in the story as well.  

The storyline itself could be interesting, but I feel there is too much that detracts from it being a “good” Christian read. 

Disclosure: I received a copy of this book for review purposes. all thoughts and opinions are my own.