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Why I’m Glad Elizabeth Chose Lucas | Hearties | When Calls The Heart

Ever since the season 8 finale of When Calls The Heart there seems to be a lot of division among the Hearties. Many feel like Elizabeth should’ve chosen Nathan. And honestly it’s sad to see what used to be such a loving fan group turning into this. I wanted to take the time to share my thoughts on Lucas and Elizabeth ending up together. And why I’m glad the storyline played out like this. 

At first, while I was team Lucas I was willing to admit that perhaps Nathan was the better person for Elizabeth. He had a daughter that connected with Elizabeth (yes, I know she’s technically his niece but he’s more her father than her actual father ever was), he had what could be considered a more respectable job... But then I realized that was it. He acted more like a guy with a crush on a girl. More like someone who felt they had a responsibility to watch over someone rather than being IN LOVE with them. Lucas on the other hand was undoubtedly in love with Elizabeth. He cherishes her. He made her feel special again. He loves her to the point that he was willing to give her up because he felt that she deserved better! If you’ll note from watching season 8 Nathan wasn’t willing to do that. He was so fixated on his “feelings” he even brought his niece into this “love triangle” mess. Lucas was the one to try working it out between himself and Nathan so Allie didn’t feel responsible for her father-figure. 

Elizabeth admits that she was using Nathan trying to replace Jack and that while she loves him she isn’t in love with him ( I did feel so bad for Nathan in this scene)

You can literally see Elizabeth falling for Lucas throughout the seasons. She starts to let him in. He helps her and is there for her without pushing himself on her. He patiently waits her her to be ready to pursue their relationship. 

Lucas is without a doubt a good guy and the right man for Elizabeth. When Calls The Heart used this past season and showed sacrificial love ( see above). True love.

To have Elizabeth choose Nathan wouldn’t show true love. True love is putting someone else’s needs and wants before yours andNathan didn’t do that. Lucas did. Like many classic romance stories; in the end Elizabeth found her way back to him. 

 I can’t wait to see Lucas’ and Elizabeths’ love story play out even more next season as well as seeing the whole town of Hope Valley come together once again and perhaps even seeing Nathan find his own true love. 


  1. I agree. I am glad that it was Lucas. He was the best choice. The right choice. He embodies what love is to Elizabeth and his actions and words. He fulfils it. Also True Love ... how can that fail when he has demostrated exactly that. And also to mention how Lucas and Elizabeth since they met have developed. They always had the sparks and attraction there. And it progressed with same qualities they have as a person, their common interests etc. And understanding her. I cant wait to see this love story growing in seasons.


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