Present Danger by Elizabeth Goddard

Too Many Social Media Channels


I may sound like an ornery person here but I’ve reached the point of being tired of there being SO many different social media channels. It feels like to keep up with the times you have to have 10 different apps on your phone ( at least). I’ve done some research on it myself and according to Huffpost Social media is following the same trend. We have gone from a small handful of outlets to having way too many to keep up with. It’s even worse if you have a common name. Chances are someone else beat you to the handle you wanted. This causes a problem for connecting.”

I recently came across this app that honestly seems to have everything in one place so I wanted to share it with y’all! 

It’s called Liklist and is my new favorite thing 😍

Do you want to document your life and share photos? you can do it on Liklist. Do you have a question about something? You can ask on Liklist. You can recommend things (restaurants, products, places etc.)

Liklist is a beautiful, interactive community. Instead of having way too many social media apps and using each one for different reasons why not use Liklist for all your needs!?