My Dear Miss Dupre | Review

Obsession by Patricia Bradley - Natchez Trace Park Rangers Book 2

I recently received the new book by Patricia Bradley, Obsession.  It is the second book in her Natchez Trace Park Rangers series.  You may remember her first book in this series Standoff.

Obsession begins with Emma Winters, Park Ranger and Historian at the Mount Locust Visitor's Center in the Natchez Trace National Park.  She stops to pick up some papers and interrupts a mysterious person using a backhoe in the park.  The person takes a shot at her and the suspense begins! Now her problems begin, not only is there a mystery to solve as to why someone is digging up her park, but the investigating ranger is her ex-fiance, Sam Ryker, who has just returned to the area.  Add to that she has an unknown secret admirer stalking her. 

The book definitely held my attention as they try to solve the mystery of what was the person looking for in the park, who is the person stalking her and are the two mysteries related.  While solving the crime, they have to deal with their buried feelings coming to the surface. 

Patricia Bradley did an excellent job in Obsession of revealing just enough clues to keep you guessing throughout the entire read.  I enjoy books like this, that keep your interest, allow you to draw some conclusion, but keep you unsure if you are on the right track.