Present Danger by Elizabeth Goddard

Is It Worth Having A Home Office?


As someone who’s always worked from home I’ve always seen the benefits of having a home office. Sure, I occasionally work from the living room with the tv on but when I need to focus I need somewhere I can go that is quiet. Bedrooms don’t really work because they are too comfy and you could fall asleep while working (speaking from experience).

When COVID hit our world in 2020 many people started working from home and I started wondering if this is what the future will be like. According to Forbes it could be “ Cali Williams Yost, a flexwork expert and founder of the Flex + Strategy Group in Madison, N.J. says that as a result of COVID-19: “Work is forever changed” because “flexible work was made for times like these.”

So for those of you wondering you may want to plan long-term on working from home. 

Another thing I looked into was when moving would one want to have a home office. My family has discussed the possibility of moving to AL or somewhere more South (the winter weather in IL has been rough) of course deep down I think somewhere in the UK would be a dream. And it’s really been something I’ve been thinking about. We don’t want to over-extend ourselves financially but would rather find a place we are comfortable with and don’t have to make changes to. After looking into it I definitely think it’s worth the extra cost. had a great article about the benefits of it. 

When I was looking at the finances of moving, renting vs owning, mortgages etc I used Mortgage Calculators  this really helped my family with some of the discussions we were having regarding what decisions we should make. 

And after taking you on that rollercoaster of a ride let me end with this. Before making any decision as big as this make sure to do some research. Thanks to the internet there are so many great resources, websites and articles literally at our fingertips. 


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