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Where’s Your Dream Home Located?

 Have you been looking into getting a house or apartment? As someone who has daydreamed about moving to the Smoky Mountains there’s actually been times I have done research about it. Or you know, those days I think about how Hawaii sounds like a great place to live ( this normally happens over winter when I’m done with the snow, I mean, Hawaii is beautiful but all my friends and family are here on the mainland)

Thankfully when I’ve done that I’ve been able to find a few things that have helped. I normally research what specific parts of the state are a good place to look at and then go from there. Another thing that has really helped me is this place I found called

They have multiple calculators that are helpful on their website, no matter what sort of help you are looking for but they have a renting vs owning calculator that I personally found extremely helpful. 

There are of  course multiple uses for this calculator but I used it for gauging whether it would be best to rent or buy if I ever move. And what amount of a loan I’d need. 

So, what place would you like to move to? This absolutely love hearing where people’s dream homes would be if they could choose :)