My Dear Miss Dupre | Review

Shopping at Sam’s Club


As the youngest in a family of eight we were always looking for ways to save money growing up. One of the best ways to do so was shopping at places like Sam’s Club. Buying in bulk for a good price. They to this day, even though not all of are still at home one of our favorite places to shop. It’s a perfect place to shop, especially in these days when we are trying to stay home as much as possible. We literally make a run to Sam’s Club once a month and then only have to hit Walmart a few times. 

Another way to save even more money at Sam’s Club is by using coupons. Slickdeals is my favorite way to do that. They have an app but you can also set it up to get notified about the latest deals! How awesome is that?! 

If there’s a Sam’s club near you then be sure to check them out but perhaps even more important check out Slickdeals for coupons for your favorite stores.