My Dear Miss Dupre | Review

Shopping At Hobby Lobby

 One of my absolute favorite places in the world to shop is Hobby Lobby. They have an extensive array of home decor, crafts and my absolute favorite, Christmas stuff. 

I am one of those people who go’s all out for Christmas and Hobby Lobby is where I do most of my shopping. Every year around mid-October I start up on my holiday decorating. The tree doesn’t go up until November 1st and every thing else is slowly put up. For an example of how great some of Hobby Lobby’s  prices are I just went in last week to grab a few last minute Christmas items and got garland with lights already on it for $6!! 

I’ve also recently taken up baking. maybe it’s from spending so much time at home this year but I’ve really enjoyed getting to spend some more time in the kitchen. I didn’t even realize until recently the amount of Baking/cooking products Hobby Lobby has. Options for literally whatever kind of baking you like to do. I’m thinking about grabbing some of their items for making macaroons next time I’m in there. :)

Another thing about them that I love is you can pretty much always find coupons for their store, especially on Slickdeals. Slickdeals is an amazing company with coupons for pretty much every store. They even have an app so you can quickly pull up coupons for whatever store you are at!