My Dear Miss Dupre | Review

Interview With Rachel Boston | A Christmas Carousel & Christmas Traditions


Mercy: Favorite Christmas Tradition?

Rachel: Singing O Holy Night on Christmas Eve by candlelight with my family. 

Mercy Favorite Christmas memory?

Rachel Flying to Hawaii with my grandmother. 

Mercy: Favorite Christmas movie?

Rachel: It’s a Wonderful Life 

Mercy: Favorite Christmas song? 

Rachel: Silent Night 

Mercy: Must-have Christmas food?

Rachel: Cookies! All the cookies. 

Mercy: White or green Christmas?

Rachel: Ohhhh ... some of both?

Mercy: Can you share a little bit about your upcoming Christmas movie? 

Rachel: It’s a modern day fairytale. I play an art teacher and my father owns a carousel restoration company. Out of the blue we get a call to restore a carousel in Ancadia. So we go and I meet an artist, and it turns out he’s a prince. 

Courtesy of Hallmark Channel

Mercy: Any behind the scenes/ on set stories you can share? 

Rachel: We filmed in Canada and we’re all in quarantine for two weeks when we first got there. And this little bird came to visit me everyday. It was straight out of a Disney movie. This precious little bird would just fly into my yard and land on my hand. 

Mercy: Any upcoming projects?

Rachel: I am in California and about to start filming here. And we are developing a few movies for 2021. Excited for the road ahead! 

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