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Writing Letters To Santa


Who else thinks kids writing letters to Santa is adorable?! And when "Santa" writes back *insert eye heart emoji* I for one do and I also just recently came across this awesome thing on the internet that I had no idea about.

There is this place called where you as a parent, aunt, uncle, grandparent, nanny etc can have this place write a official letter from Santa to the little kid in your life who still believes in Santa!

Not only do i think this is a super sweet thing in and of itself but 10% of all profits from this place go to help Toys For Tots!I absolutely love this concept. Not only will you be making you child, niece/nephew, grandchilds day but you could also be making the day of some child you will never meet. You will be touching the lives of people that you will most likely never know.

If you want to make a child (or twos') wish come true then be sure to check out