Never Miss by Melissa Koslin | Review

Nothing Short Of Wondrous | Review


Regina Scott just so happens to be one of my favorite historical fiction authors. I think historical fiction is honestly sort of what gave me a love for doing interviews. I’m not sure why but when I was really young and would read a HF novel I would immediately start researching that time period and people who lived then. All the better if I could find biographies to find out what people were like then. What the liked. Why they did what they did. To this day if I find a good HF book I will do research about people who lived in that time if at all possible. There’s only a few authors who I do that with. Regina Scott is one of them. This is the second book in her American Wonders Collection and one of my new favorites. It tells the story of Kate Tremaine and Lieutenant William Prescott. They must come together to save her seven year old son who has been kidnapped and while doing so they just might find love. 

Nothing Short of Wondrous is well, wondrous (pun intended). Truly though. This book is truly beautiful, and heartwarming. 

Disclosure: I received a copy of this book for review purposes. all thoughts and opinions are my own.