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Lawn Care While Owning Dogs

As a pet owner I know how hard it can be to take care of your lawn. My entire life we’ve had a variety of pets ( rabbits, Chickens, hedgehogs, cats etc) but The hardest kind to have while keeping your lawn in tip top shape, is in my opinion, dogs. We’ve had multiple breeds of dogs but currently I personally own a mini golden doodle and other members of my family own toy Aussies. While not a huge yard we have a front and back lawn and it is unbelievably hard to keep the lawn looking good while making sure the dogs get the time they need to play in the yard.

Chorbie has been a great help with this. They do lawn care in Frisco, Texas and wrote an extremely helpful article which I’ll be referencing.
One of the most helpful thing I read in this article was to designate a place in the yard specifically for your dog to do their business. That way you aren’t having to pick up after them constantly to keep the yard looking good and it’s honestly easier on the pets that way. I for one will be trying this in my backyard. It’s too easy to get busy and forget to pick up after them right away. This way you can just go out there every evening or morning and spray that specific area with a hose.
If you’d prefer to just let your dogs have free reign in your yard then do be sure to pick up after them immediately and use a hose in that area. Chorbie helpfully mentioned the fact that their urine has salts and nitrogen which will burn your grass leaving it dead, dull and brown.
I for one will be calling some of the experts in my area to get my lawn in better shape but if you live anywhere in or near Frisco, Texas be sure give Chorbie a call for all your lawn care needs!