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Review of Rachel Fordham's Latest Release A Life Once Dreamed

One of the most incredibly talented author in todays' Christian fiction world is Rachel Fordham. She has a unique series (Hope Of Azure Springs and Yours Truly, Thomas) and this one is the start of a new series. I was so excited to read this A Life Once Dreamed and it is a wonderful book that I'm sure you all will love as well.
A Life Once Dreamed follows the story of Agnes Pratt. The secrets she keeps hidden, and her will to keep them will be tested when her former sweetheart James Harris comes to town as the new doctor. He wants to know why she left. But he's the one person she can't tell. Will they find a way to forge past the past and create a future together? You'll have to read A Life Once Dreamed to find out.

An impressive novel from start to finish A Life Once Dreamed is even better than I had hoped it would be.

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