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My Growth As A Blogger And Advice For Those Struggling

While I’ve run this blog for almost five years I’ve been writing for far longer than that. On other blogs, short stories etc. But it took several years for me to start growing as a blogger. My goal has always been to be a family friendly website but there are so many out there it took me awhile to find my niche, so to speak. And even as I started to grow my site it felt like many times others were far exceeding my efforts. Just as I felt like I was starting to succeed I would see someone else who was doing far better and I would slack off on my work. But what it took. What it really took was the mindset of I’ll do the best I can and at the end of the day that’s what matters. It’s not about the amount of people I’m reaching it’s about the one's I’m actually impacting. See, anyone can come on my site read one interview or review and that’s it but the ones that actually stick around, check out my other articles and appreciate them? Those are the ones I’m thankful for and when I realized they were taking time out of their day, their busy week. I realized I had finally found a way to impact those around and that started what I still call my growth period haha
I’m still growing. The ways to reach people who are interested in family friendly sites like mine are changing almost every day (or at least that is what it seems like).
Some days I still feel like a teeny tiny blog in the midst of all these other successful bloggers but that’s okay. Because I’m growing.
To those of you looking for ways to grow your blog. My suggestions are these.
 Find other bloggers with similar types of blogs, whether they are the exact same type of site (Interviews, reviews, lifestyle, travel etc.) Or just other family friendly bloggers. I just happened to find some that are both of these and they’ve been an extreme amount of support to me when I needed it. And hopefully I to them.
 Don’t let the way you feel on the bad days (and there will be bad days) outweigh the joys of a good day. There will still be days no matter how successful you become that you feel that you aren’t. Whether it’s someone critiquing your work, a post didn’t get as many views as you’d hoped or you just don’t feel any inspiration. Know that there are people out there who you are inspiring.
I’ve had days where I feel like it couldn’t get any worse and I should just quit my blog and someone will reach out to me and thank me for a post I’ve done. Best. Feeling. In. The. World.
And lastly, as important as it is to find likeminded people in the blogger world. Make sure you have friends who support you outside of that as well. Because they’ll help you realize that, that post that didn’t reach as many people as you thought it should? It reached just who it should’ve and that’s enough. (They’ll also sometimes be there with a tub of ice cream just when you need it. That’s also really important. Find friends who bring you ice cream.)

I hope in some small way that sharing my growth as a blogger and some of what helped me will help you on your journey as a blogger. Until next time. Aloha.