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Love Grows by Kerri Brown | Review

A few years ago I had the pleasure of "meeting" an author by the name of Kerri Brown. She had released a book of poetry and was soon to be releasing her first novel Love In The Rain co-authored with Cleopatra Margot. Fast forward a couple of years Kerri is releasing the sequel to said novel. 
I had the pleasure of being one of the first readers of Love Grows and it is absolutely amazing! 
Love Grows continues following the love story of Henry and Judith. I love how Kerri shows the working out of problems. How even though its a fictional novel it shows the hard times of life and how God and the love between these two people gets them through. I loved that they worked through their problems, instead of giving up. I loved (and I know I mentioned this in my review of Love In The Rain) but the similarities to Janette Oke's work. Many Christian fiction novels these days seem to be more of a clean romance novel with little christianity in them. Kerri's is yes, a clean romance novel but its also built on the foundation of showing God's love. 
Love Grows is an inspirational, insightful, witty, heartfelt, novel from the pen if Kerri Brown. 
If you've been searching for a new book to read then please pick up a copy of the exquisitely written Love Grows.

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