Present Danger by Elizabeth Goddard

Why Chicago Would Be A Great Place To Live

Even though I am only nineteen I’ve gotten to travel a lot. The first ten to twelve years of my life my family traveled in a camper around the United States. I’ve also gone on five cruises which has enabled me to visit some different places in Mexico and the Bahamas. I love all of the places I’ve been able to visit and think they are all beautiful but when people ask me about some of my favorite places to visit it isn’t long before I mention the glorious city of Chicago, IL! I’ve visited there often since I was about nine years old. Some of my favorite places are The Bean, The Museum of Science And Industry (so much to look at. And a lot of interactive things so kids and adults alike will be enthralled), Willis Tower (who doesn’t love shopping?!) and Navy Pier.  I also enjoy just wandering this gorgeous city.
Every time I return, there’s always specific places that must be revisited and we alway try to make time to visit some new ones as well. Next time we visit I want to make sure and visit SkyDeck Chicago, The Fox Theatre and The Art Institute Of Chicago. They all seem like really cool place and somehow I have never been to any of them!

Another favorite thing for me personally to do is visit all the bookstores and thrift shops. There are so many of them. Whether they are a chain store or some little whole in the wall place if you’re looking for something I’d say you will most likely find it at one of these places.
Ooh and let’s not forget all the food options!!! I mean have you really visited Chicago if you don’t at least try Chicago style pizza? And what about all of the other restaurants in town? Portillo and Barnellis for example has the best chili I’ve ever had. Get that with a Diet Coke and then have a chocolate shake or cake for dessert. My stomach is growling just at the thought if it! Whatever style of food you like, if you like trying new things Chicago is definitely the place for you.
Have you ever thought about moving to Chicago or a surrounding area? My family lives about four and a half hours away and there’s many a time I’ve regretted not living closer. I mean we’re close enough to visit for overnight trips or weekend trips but to actually live in or closer to there would be awesome. I’ve actually gone apartment hunting online and it is so much fun! On the chance that we ever moved closer I wanted to find an idea of what rent would be and Zumper was fantastic and helped me do so. If you are looking for a place that has a lot of things for you to do, visit and see, whether you are single or married with kids then Chicago is definitely a place for you to consider! I mean what better place to live is there than the Windy City itself!