Present Danger by Elizabeth Goddard

How To Budget As A Gen Z Kid

Finding ways to budget (especially during the crazy times we are in) is hard. Many of us Gen Z kids are getting ready to head off to college. But how do we find ways to know what we need vs. what we don’t really need? I’m here to offer some advice from one Gen Z kid to another. 
The essentials are things like textbooks, transportation money (whether you have a car or decide to take a bus etc. you’ll want to make sure you have money set aside for that), food, room and board and last but not least tuition. ( there are other thing obviously just some of what I deem “Most” important.)

How do we budget to know if we’ll be able to get the extra things we want ( coffee for instance. You know the one that’s really too expensive but tastes yummy so you buy it anyway?)

My suggestion is this. Figure out how much money you will be making from what job/jobs you have. And then write down a list of what you consider essential. If you have enough money for that with some leftover then write down a list of what you would like to buy (with what’s most important at the top) and figure out what non essential items you can get. And then, most importantly, stick to the budget. It may be hard sometimes but it is possible.