Present Danger by Elizabeth Goddard

Almost A Bride by Jody Hedlund | Review

One of my favorite authors (that I’ve only recently found) is Jody Hedlund. You may remember her name since I’ve posted about her books a few times. She just recently released the fourth and final novel in her Bride Ship series. This was a heart touching novel from start to finish. Jody writes from the heart and in this novel it’s even more evident then ever.

Almost A Bride follows the story of Kate who can’t seem to stay engaged. She arrived on a ship to British Columbia and while many are clamoring for her affections she can’t seem to stay engaged. She travels to a small town and runs into old friend Zeke who is determined to protect her from her many suitors and looking for a wife himself. The only problem is Kate can’t marry an unbeliever. What will they do when Zeke unknowingly puts them both in danger?

Almost A Bride released earlier this month and is available from most Christian Retailers. If you enjoy historical fiction then be sure to check it out!