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You're Bacon Me Crazy (2020) | Review

While I was very much so looking forward to this movie, especially since Michael Rady's New Years Eve movie got removed from the schedule I was a little hesitant about how interesting it would be. The plot line of two food truck owners in a competition didn't sound like all that interesting of a plot to me but it indeed was a exquisite movie.

Starring the above mentioned Michael Rady, it also starred the enigmatic Natalie Hall along with Casey Manderson, Michael Karl Richards, Olivia Steele Falconer, and Ian Collins.

Now a little more detail into the plot.  You're Bacon Me Crazy follows the story of Cleo (Natalie) who owns and co-runs a food truck with friend Andy and niece Tessa. Many of the recipes she uses in her food truck are ones that she learned from her grandfather, Matteo who owned an old Italian restaurant in town.
Enter Gabe (Michael) who is a wanderer but back in town for his brothers (Casey) birthday. He owns a food truck title Mo-Bacon and the main ingredient in his recipes is (you guessed it) Bacon!!

The two meet at the local farmers market and strike up a conversation. He finds out she owns a food truck but forgets to ask where she parks and also leaves out that he is a food truck owner.

He, with the help of his brother ends up finding her the next day and sets up shop in the same area. I don't want to give the entire plot away sooo I'll leave you with that. You're Bacon Me Crazy was an adorable movie filled with lots of light laughs, the value of family & friendship and of course, some romance. If you are looking for a movie the whole family will enjoy, check it out the next time it airs on Hallmark Channel!