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The Warrant | Review

Growing up some of my favorite movies to watch were those like The Great Escape and The Magnificent Seven.  I liked movies that based on true events or not, showed the good guys standing up against the bad guys, going against the odds and winning. The Warrant is a movie that without fits into those guidelines. 
(And a fun fact for you those movies mentioned above star Steve McQueen. His grandson Steven R. McQueen stars in this movie as Cal Breaker)

The Warrant starts off during the Civil War but within a few minutes you are in present day, 1869, that is. 
One of my favorite scenes is actually right toward the very beginning of the movie. John Breaker (Neal McDonough), and Bugle (Gregory Cruz) are trying to arrest the person who doesn't come peacefully.  Their convincing him to do so and their conversation while doing it, I found humorous. 

The movie continues wades into more serious onscreen story as Sheriff John Breaker is reunited with his son Cal. They've had a broken relationship since the war but now Cal, he himself is a Marshall and wants him father's help in arresting a gang leader called the Saint (Casper Van Dien) who used to fight alongside his dad in the Civil War. He agrees and they go off to issue the Warrant. I'm going to leave you right there because I don't want to give away too much of the plot line.

This is a movie that had my attention from the very beginning all the way to the end. A movie that takes me back to the days when tv was good and you didn't have to worry about what little kids would see or hear. And yes, I know I'm talking like an old person and I'm only 19 but I wish that tv would be filled with movies like this. Fun filled stories with talented actors, that have morals, action, and storylines that are actually interesting. 

The Warrant is a movie that in my opinion is going to become a classic. It'll be premiering this weekend on the INSP channel. If you are looking for a movie that you can watch and enjoy with the entire family than look no further. I, for one, know what I'll be watching this Saturday night.