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Taste Of Summer (2019) | Review

This movie aired Summer of last year on Hallmark Channel but I never got the opportunity to see it. 

Taste Of Summer stars real life couple Eric Winter & Roselyn Sanchez and co-starring talents Antonio Cayonne, Gracyn Shinyei, and Alison Araya.

A Taste Of Summer tells the story of Gabby (Roselyn) a chef at a upscale restaurant who has lost her spark for the job and relationships. Returning home after breaking up with her boyfriend and leaving her job she is looking for some inspiration and thanks to her realtor sister, she finds it!
A restaurant recently closed down and has the building for sale. Not sure if she should buy it at first she meets another restaurant owner in town, Caleb (Eric) who owns Delaney's with his brother Trevor (Matt Mazur) He has a competitive streak and incites a competitive streak in her. She buys the restaurant and sets out to open Grace's (named after her late mother).  

Filled with lots of humor (my favorite kind of movie 😉),  heartfelt moments, and some light romance this is a movie the whole family will enjoy. 

Likes: I liked that the focus of the movie wasn't on the budding relationship of Gabby and Caleb. Yes there are several "romantic moments" but theres only one kiss (!!) and no ex-boyfriend/girlfriend that comes back and messes things up. 
I LOVED the close relationship if Caleb and his daughter Emily (Gracyn).

Dislikes: There were several scenes were you could tell that while in being in the same location they actually weren't. (as in a previous scene had been shot there and there was not way it was the same place). 
I also think they slightly overdid Caleb's competitive streak but thats just my personal opinion. It was for humors sake so I put up with it.