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Dolittle (2020) | Review

Dolittle was a much anticipated movie in my house. First off this is the first thing we've seen RDJ in seen the sad death of his character in Avengers: Endgame. Secondly this was a book that many of my siblings read as children so they were excited to read it as for me well, I don't think I ever finished the book when I was a kid so I was looking forward to seeing if the movie held my attention better than the book did.

While I don't think this is his best role I couldn't have thought of anyone better suited to portray Dr. Dolittle than Robert Downey Jr. One of the most immensely talented actors he played Dolittle with the subtle humor and quirks we all thought he would have. 
The movie was well-written, well cast and the cinematography was superb. You'll have fun guessing which actor is voicing which creature, you'll fall in love with the lands they visit and (SPOILER ALERT) you will probably cry a little bit at Dolittle loss of his wife. 

Truly a classic (just make sure your littles won't get scared well watching a few scenes.)

If you haven't seen Dolittle yet, what are you waiting for??