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11 Pairings I'd Love To See On Hallmark Channel

If you've followed me for any length of time on Twitter then you know that there are certain pairings of actor/actress that I would adore seeing on Hallmark Channel. I decided to make a list so if Hallmark ever decided they need some help with casting they can come right here 😄

Kristoffer Polaha and Rachel Boston. I think these two would be great in a Wonderful Life-esque movie together. 

Carlo Marks And Jodie Sweetin. They would be absolutely fantastic in a "sarcastic to each other until realizing they like each other" rom-com.

Andrew Walker And Jen Lilley would also be great in a romcom like the one mentioned right above.

Michael Rady And Brittany Bristow. 
Michael as a man who lost his family and Brittany as the cheerful next door neighbor who makes him realize he can find love again.

Matt Cohen And Jocelyn Hudon. A quirky romcom about a baker and chef falling in love. 

Wilmer Valderrama And Jessy Schram. A romcom about a detective and florist. 

Eric Winter And Erin Krakow. A bit of a drama with a little comedy thrown in. 

Christian Kane and Beth Reisgraf.
A Romatic Drama. Along the lines of last years' Two Turtle Doves. 

Zachery Levi and Maggie Lawson. A drama but with lots of comedy and romance thrown in. 

Hill Harper And Emily Wickersham. Definitely a romcom. 

Michael Weatherly And Michelle Borth. A romcom about a businessman and a single mom.

What do you all think? Who would you like to see paired together on Hallmark Channel? 


  1. Erin Krakow and Daniel Lissing they have the best chemistry

  2. They sound like great pairings i really like bringing in the Hollywood actors

  3. The idea of Maggie Lawson & Zachary Levi is a great one!


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