Present Danger by Elizabeth Goddard

*Exclusive Interview * Kristoffer Polaha In Character As Mystery 101's Travis Burke

Courtesy of Kailey Shwerman

. Mercy: Tell us a little bit about yourself  
Travis: My name is Travis Burke. I’m currently a detective for the Garrison Police Department in Garrison, Washington. 

Mercy: What drew you into law enforcement as a career? 
Travis: My father was a police office as was my grandfather. They both worked for the NYPD. I come from a long line of cops.  

Mercy: What are your favorite & least favorite aspects of your job? 
Travis: My favorite aspect of the job is helping people. Solving a crime usually means giving closure to people who have been hurt and when I can do that, when I can bring a criminal to justice, there’s no better feeling. My least favorite aspect of the job is the paperwork! 
Mercy: Do you have a favorite memory from on the job? 
Travis: The day I graduated from the academy. I was full of so much pride and hope. Both my grandfather and father were there to hand me my badge. It was a very good day. I spent a few years working for the NYPD then headed west to Chicago. A new start. Politics.  

Mercy: If you had to choose one case that was the most satisfying to close, what would it be?  
Travis: I think the most satisfying case I’ve closed was a case involving a serial killer we called The Wolfman because he only killed on the full moon. I was able to apprehend the killer and stop him from doing further harm. It was a very satisfying end to a long traumatic chapter in Chicago’s history.  

Mercy: Tell us about Amy Winslow; how has she helped and/or challenged you? 
Travis: I love Amy Winslow! I mean.... you know what I mean. She’s smart and full of joy and she is one of keenest observers of human behavior I have ever known. It’s her superpower. She can walk into a room and tell you who’s acting suspicious or guilty, which, in my line of work, gives me an unfair advantage.  

With Amy & Graham Winslow

Mercy: If someone had to describe you in three words, what do you think they would be? 
Travis: I’m not sure I can answer this one. I guess I hope they’d say loyal, protective, and honest.  

Mercy: What do you like to do in your free time?
Travis: I’ve really gotten interested in reading crime fiction lately. I’ve never been much of a reader before, but I gotta say, these books are a fun escape from my line of work. When a writer really gets it right, I can actually learn a few things, but mostly I get to make fun of how silly they are. Talk about plot holes! But like I said, there are a few masters of genre, and they are exceptional writers. I’m honored to know one personally.  

Mercy: Name 3 things you consider yourself to be good at.  
Travis: Shooting a gun. Arresting bad guys. And kissing the girl. Thing is, I can only do these things when it’s absolutely necessary.  

Mercy: If a tv series was made about you, who should play you? 😉 
Travis: Someone who is tough but kind, someone who has a good sense of humor but can still be a tough guy, and someone who is handsome as heck.  

Mercy: If you could see into the future, what do you envision your next case to be about? 
Travis: I don’t know about that but I do foresee that you’ll be able to watch it for yourself on March 29 at 9pm on the Hallmark Movies and Mysteries channel. 

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