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Byrne And Kelly The Ballads Collection | Review

My love for Byrne And Kelly's music is really no secret at all. My sisters and I still talk about how great their concert was that we attended two years ago. It was such a fun, joyful night, with these talented singers & instrumentalists sharing from their heart. 
One of the things that I especially love about Byrne and Kelly though, is that it isn't only the concerts that give you that experience, it's also their cds. Which is something so rare, in my opinion at least. SO many times I talk about how yes, the concert experience is great but the artists didn't really seem to express themselves quite as well on their cds.  But Byrne and Kelly always do, and especially so on their brand new album, The Ballads Collection!

The Track List-

1. Caledonia  
2. On Raglan Road  
3. No Man’s Land (The Green Fields of France)  
4. Summer In Dublin 
5. Beautiful Affair 
 6. The Water Is Wide  
7. Ride On  
8. The Rose of Allendale 
9. Rock 'n’ Roll Kids 
10. Belfast 
11. Captured 
12. Black is the Colour 
 13. The Meeting of the Waters 
14. The Fields of Athenry 
15. The Old Tweed Coat 
16. Come Away 
17. When You Were Sweet Sixteen 
18. Carrickfergus   

A few of my favorites

Caledonia - This had always been one of my favorite songs to hear Celtic Thunder sing but I truly think Byrne And Kellys is my new favorite! I love slower "ballad" version of it. (See what I did there 😉)

Summer In Dublin - This has always been on of my favorite songs to hear Neil sing. I just love the vibe of the song.

Ride On - Again, I'm liking this version just a tad more than the original. The slow beat of it sort of allows the person to enjoy it more. Plus this has been and always will be a favorite of my families to hear Ryan sing, so to be honest no matter the arrangement we love it.

The Meeting Of The Waters - Such a beautiful song about the power of water/nature. I fell in love with it the first time I heard it and nothing has changed since.

The Old Tweed Coat - This song has to be in my favorite Byrne & Kelly songs of all time. I loved when we saw them in concert and Neil shared the story behind the song (Go look it up on Youtube if you haven't heard it). One of the sweetest love songs of all time.

When You Were Sweet Sixteen - This is the first time I've ever heard Ryan and Neil's version of this song and it is just absolutely amazing! It's a classic song that there are many different versions of, but their's is definitely one of the best.

Captured - This is undoubtedly my favorite from this album. It draws you in from the very first line and is inexpressibly classic Byrne And Kelly. The very best of their music.

If you have yet to order this fantastic "collection" of songs that releases TODAY you can do so HERE. 

I would also highly recommend going to see them live in concert if you have the ability to do so. They are on tour right now, so...  I mean, what are you waiting for?!
They are some of the very best music artists out there today and not only that, but the entire family can go to a concert without fear of the little kids hearing/seeing something they shouldn't (which is so rare these days).
Since I could go on and on about how wonderful this duo is, I'll just leave you with the links below. :-)


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