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Going All Natural With JO Custom Cosmetics

A couple years ago I started realizing how many makeup/beauty products had "bad for you" things in them and ever since, I've started trying to go the more all-natural way. I've slowly been swapping out regular makeup products for healthier one's.  
And now I know what you're thinking, all of the "all natural" makeup products are SO expensive and I would've agreed with you up until a couple months ago when I found JO Custom Cosmetics.  Affordable, good, makeup (and skincare products) that actually work.

 Made in small batches as to not compromise quality and to keep up the consistent results. They research all the ingredients and do their best to insure that they are 100% percent free of harmful chemicals, how awesome is that?!

When I reached out to Jo about doing a review of some of her makeup products she graciously agreed.

I received the Raspberry shimmer blush, a radiance highlighter sample, the espresso eyeshadow, the sunrise pink eyeshadow, the foundation sample set (only one is pictured), and the glam girl tinted lip balm . All of these products are absolutely fabulous! My favorite's being the highlighter, foundation, and lip balm.

I did my brows and mascara but other than that barefaced 

The foundation gives you amazing coverage (I still really struggle with acne). 
The highlighter gives a nice shine, and you only have to use a little! 

Almost there! foundation, blush and highlighter

And one of my absolute favorite things to do is add a pop of color to my makeup with a lipstick. I was a little unsure of how much color this would give me since it was a tinted lip balm but I absolutely loved it!!

Makeup fully finished
eyes closed so you can see eyeshadow

As you can tell JO Custom Cosmetics is a great company with all natural products that truly work and don't break the bank! A win-win all around.
I personally will be buying from this company in the future and I hope you will as well. You can check them out at the links below and if you have any questions ask Jo or leave a comment and I'll try to get back to you.

A quick add on, I’ve also started on the journey of finding all natural cleaning products. Please do check out this magnificent company if you are looking for a greener way to keep your home clean ๐Ÿงผ