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Three Reasons Why Hallmark Movies Are So Popular

While Hallmark movies have been around for awhile they seem to have taken the world by storm these past few years. Some people are only know starting to realize the not-so-hidden gem of Hallmark Channel. What makes it so special? Because it's not only their Christmas movies that are well liked.
Here are three reasons why Hallmark Channel is so popular-

1. Hallmark has successfully managed to bring in some top notch actors/actresses/directors/producers/writers etc. and keep them for movie after movie, year after year. When I interviewed  Paul Campbell earlier this year he mentioned "Hallmark Channel, I think, is maybe the only network left in Hollywood that uses what essentially amounts to the Old Hollywood studios system. They use their actors, writers, and directors over and over. They've actually built up a little star system within their own network which is incredibly rare and something that I really value.  It's a small family - everybody is friends, everyone knows who you are, everybody gets along" and then "It's a very well-vetted group of people that are all talented and all seem to be incredibly happy doing what they're doing in working for Hallmark.  It's very nice to be part of something like that.

Holiday Hearts premiering Saturday, November 23rd

2. They are one of the only networks that consistently brings family friendly entertainment year round. There is something that literally every member of the family will enjoy. There's period dramas, romcoms, heartfelt drama & more. Parents can watch the movies with their little kids and not have to worry that they're going to see/hear something they shouldn't. When I chatted with Ryan Paevey a few weeks ago he said and I quote "I would say it's an honor to be a part of a group of people that consciously and consistently provides viewership with a place you can go for family-friendly content. You don't have to worry - the dog isn't going to get sick, the kids aren't going to get sick. There is so much stuff out there -- the television world is so saturated with more adult content, shall we say, violence and stuff like that  (and there is a place for that. Don't get me wrong, I love actions films and things like that). But there has to be one place you can go where you can sit down and watch a movie with your kids and not have to worry about covering their ears or eyes or anything like that, and we do that."

Christmas At The Plaza premiering Thursday, November 28th

3. The world we live in today is crazy. There's a lot of anger, hate, and things going on right now and we all need some form of entertainment be it watching a movie, reading etc. that we can turn to and in my opinion Hallmark Channel is that place!  I spoke with Kristoffer Polaha last year and he said "Hallmark has been really, really true to a set of standards and values that they haven't wavered from. I think that because they're consistent, it's become almost a safe haven for people to go and sit down and watch if you want an escape, and you're going not going to read a book or listen to music. If you want to watch TV, it's become a channel for people to go to and just know what they are going to get and they can feel safe in that.  There are no surprises, and I think people love that.  I think it doesn't matter where you live or who you are or what your economic status is, I think it's become a place for everybody to go and feel good for a little bit."

Double Holiday premiering Sunday, December 22nd

So... If you're looking for some feel-good entertainment think about checking out one (or all) of the three Hallmark Channels or perhaps their streaming service- Hallmark Movies Now! 

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