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Interview With Paul Greene | Christmas In Evergreen: Tidings Of Joy

Photo: Laurent Levy
Mercy: Can you share a little of what you've been up to since we last spoke?
Paul: I have been very busy with When Calls The Heart, making Christmas in Evergreen, and recording my album I’m not sure if I’d finished that when we spoke last. I’ve been playing lots of concerts, having lots of quality time with my son and getting engaged to my beautiful fiancée Kate Austin.

Mercy: What can you share about your upcoming movie Christmas In Evergreen: Tidings Of Joy? Any fun bts stories?
Paul: It’s the second time I have worked with Maggie so that was really fun. We love working with each other. Also Holly Robinson Peete was a total gem 💎 .
I’ve also worked with Barbara Niven several times and it was nice to see her again.
It was awesome to drive the red truck, although it was very hard to drive.
There's a scene where we’re going to play my guitar a little bit which is always fun.
There are twins in there that came and they were in a Series of Unfortunate Events on Netflix.      

Mercy: What is the most rewarding part of being an actor?
Paul: Probably the freedom and the time that you get to do work on something that you love. The ability to play different characters and in some ways remain a child at heart.

Mercy: Why do you think Hallmark movies have become as popular as they are?
Paul: Because the world can be a very divisive and challenging place to feel at peace in. Then you turn on Hallmark channel - it’s, comforting, relaxing, peaceful and makes you feel like you’re at home and you can forget about the world for a couple hours, escape into a very happy place.
Also they’re making very high-quality stories and getting great actors, directors and writers.
And I know that Hallmark takes great care and time to make sure that the highest quality movie possible is produced.    

Paul and his fiancé 

Paul and his son

Mercy: What is your favorite Christmas movie?
Paul: Love Actually    

Mercy: Favorite Christmas tradition and or memory?
Paul: Snowmobiling with my dad, eating square pizzas, and having my mom make cinnamon buns from sourdough… And special hot chocolate.

Mercy: Favorite Christmas song?
Paul: Silent night mixed with Let It Be.  

Mercy: White or Green Christmas?
Paul: White.

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Mercy: Any other upcoming projects you can share about?
Paul: Working on a Christmas album right now in Vancouver. And I keep moving the book I’m writing 52 Ways To Be The Dad You Wish You Had into publication, slowly but surely.

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