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10 Things I'm Going To Need From Hallmark Channel In 2020

With the Hallmark Christmas movie season upon us, my family and I have been watching all 3 Hallmark Channels {even more than normal} and due to that, we've been discussing some things we'd like to see next year on Hallmark. Specific pairings, certain actors in lead roles, etc.

Please bear with us, we might be a little biased...But here ya' go

1. Kristoffer Polaha, Carlo Marks, Chad Michael Murray, Michael Rady, Niall Matter, and Tyler Hynes each in at least 2-3 a year. One of which needs to be a Christmas movie.

Kristoffer Polaha

2. Cardi Wong in a lead role!! I don't care whether it's a sequel to Road To Christmas or a stand-alone movie, but it's high time this talented actor finally gets his own movie.

Chad Michael Murray & Cardi Wong

3. Kristoffer Polaha and Nikki DeLoach in a movie together.

4. Chad Michael Murray and Kellie Pickler in a movie together.

5. Carlo Marks and Jessy Schram in a movie together.
Jessy Schram

Carlo Marks

6. Nikki DeLoach, Jessy Schram, Kellie Pickler, Jen Lilley, and Rachel Boston each in at least 2-3 a year. One of which needs to be a Christmas movie.

Rachel Boston

7. Giles And Jocelyn Panton in a movie together, as the leads.

Giles and Jocelyn

8. Preston Vanderslice and Brittany Bristow in a movie together.

9. Michael Rady and Jen Lilley in a movie together.
Jen Lilley
Michael Rady

10. My last and final wish is that Hallmark Channel gives us the first two weeks of January off from movies. Not that I don't want to see more movies but... We need time to rest up after all of our Holiday movie binge-watching. 😉

Kellie Pickler

What are your thoughts? Are there some pairings you'd like to see on Hallmark Channel next year? I'd love to hear them! Let me know below.


  1. I like most of the above request But i would also add More Lacey Chabert movies Possibly a sequel to Love in Africa Also Taylor Cole an Autumn Reeser movies


  2. 1. A sequel to Marrying Father Christmas!
    2. Shane Cottrell (Niall Matter) to return to WCTH.

    1. Yessss!! Would love if both of those happened.

  3. I would like to see Reba McEntire in a Hallmark movie. Also less or better yet no Lacey Chabert or Jessica Lowndes movies. Those 2 are automatic channel changer for me. Also how about some movies with actual family: mother, father & kids? Enough with the divorced or widowed man/woman with a kid, who falls in love with the man/woman who comes to town.

  4. Andrew Walker and Erin Krakow in a Christmas movie together
    For them to continue to show a Christmas movie every Thursday and Friday all year like this year!!
    Release more movies on DVD!!
    Go back to Thursday and Friday premieres on Movies & Mysteries so that we can see them all and stop competing with their own selves!!!

    1. Oooh Andrew and Erin in a movie together?! I love it!!


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