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The Legend Of 5 Mile Cave Review

Hey y'all!

I was recently given the opportunity to watch a screener of The Legend Of 5 Mile Cave.  This is a family friendly movie that premiered on the INSP Channel June 9th at 8pm EST and will be re-airing tonight!

In The Legend of 5 Mile Cave, a boy enchanted with tales from the Old West unlocks a mystery that could save their family farm. While his widowed mother struggles to avoid foreclosure, a mysterious stranger arrives looking for a room to rent. A bond with the boy grows as the drifter recounts breathtaking stories of Shooter Green, a legendary gunslinger accused of Arizona’s biggest gold robbery. The truth is revealed, along with the secret of the drifter’s past when a crooked lawman appears, hot on the trail of the stolen gold. Past and present collide in this tale of action, adventure and drama.

The young actor, Jet Jurgensmeyer does a wonderful job in the role of Tommy Tilwicky.  There's not a lot of kid actors nowadays that can do a movie based in 1929 and get away with looking like they are from that time period but this actor does.  

Jill Wagner, as she always does; shines in her performance.  She brings her best to every role she undertakes and honestly I'd love to see her in more movies based in this time period.

Adam Baldwin portrays Sam Barnes, a kind stranger with a mysterious past.  Really enjoyed his character in this movie.

 The Legend Of 5 Mile Cave has the perfect mix of Little House On The Prairie and old westerns.  It'll definitely keep the attention of younger children with the gunslinger side of the story and yet it held my attention as well.

  Very few modern family-friendly movies nowadays have the drama & action while keeping it clean and that is exactly what this show manages to pull off.  I was drawn in immediately by the wonderful, intriguing storyline and this is a movie I'll without doubt be buying for the entire family to watch - I definitely give this movie a 10/10! 

I don't want to share too much about it because I want you all to go watch it yourselves, so make sure to be watching the INSP channel tonight or you could go purchase it! The whole family will fall in love with this amazing movie.