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Sometimes Love Hurts And Sometimes It Can Heal In The Most Unexpected Way - On A Summer Tide by Suzanne Woods Fisher

  Hey Friends! Has anyone seen Suzanne Woods Fisher’s new book, On a Summer Tide?  It is numbered Book 1 in Three Sisters Island, so I am pretty sure we will be seeing more books in the series.  

  Anyway, I do have to say it was a rather slow read for me but still enjoyable.  This is a contemporary romance about Cam, one of the sisters.  Her dad purchases an island off the coast of Maine and wants to reunite his three daughters.  The daughters of course race to the island concerned for their father.  
  Now, I just want to insert here, I spent a little over a year in northern Maine and it was simply gorgeous.  We of course took some trips to the coast while we were there and it was just as beautiful, so I can imagine being on this island. 
  It's a much slower pace that Cam has to get used to, because she runs life at full speed.  She meets the local teacher, a little on the rough side, and I am sure you can imagine what happens from there.  
If you like Suzanne’s previous books, make sure you grab this one.  It will be available from Suzanne's website, Amazon, CBD & more!

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