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Celtic Thunder's "Storm" Review - Moments With Mercy

This dvd is without a doubt one of my all time favorite Celtic Thunder Shows.  One of my favorite things about this project is that it is the only CT dvd that follows a storyline, it's more like a musical then a concert (if that makes sense).

There are no spoken words, the story is told solely through 16 songs.  Only one of the songs (Stand And Deliver) had a pre-recorded segment that is is playing on the back wall, this is due to them not having the ability to perform these feats onstage; quite understandably since its about a stagecoach, horse etc.

  Storm features the original Celtic Thunder line-up- George Donaldson (as the head villager), Paul Byrom (The Landowners son), Ryan Kelly (The Romani King), Damian McGinty (The Young Buck), Keith Harkin (The Highwayman) as well as featuring others such as Deirdre Shannon (The Gentlewoman), Ruth O'Leary (The Chief's Daughter), and Caroline Torti (The Romani King's Sister).  The Villagers are made up of-
Neil Byrne (guitar), Dave Cooke (keyboard), Nicole Hudson (viola), Conor McCreanor (bass), Brendan Monaghan (pipes, whistle), Hayley-Jo Murphy (dancer), Joyce O'Leary (violin), Julianne Reilly (dancer), and Megan Sherwood (cello).
The Romani are made up of- Stephan Dickson (dancer), Taylor James (dancer), Ethan LaFleur (dancer), Adam Lopapa (dancer), Justin Lopez (dancer), Declan O'Donoghue (percussion), Anthony Stuart (percussion), and Cody Szarko (dancer).


1. Storm Overture
2.  New Day Dawning
3. Outside Looking In
4. When You Are 18
5. Life In The Old Dog Yet
6. Not The One
7. Stand And Deliver
8. The Highwayman
9. Lagan Love
10. Midnight Well
11. Shadow’s Dancing
12. Harry’s Game
13. Tender is The Night
14. This Was My Life
15. Look At Me
16. Hail The Hero (Mo Ghile Mear)

Some of my favorite songs on this dvd include New Day Dawning, Not The One, Stand And Deliver, Midnight Well, This Was My Life, Look At Me and Hail The Hero (Mo Ghile Mear)

New Day Dawning- This was the first song I ever heard from this project (and one of the very first Celtic Thunder songs I ever heard). I absolutely fell in love with it then and its still a favorite to this day. If this song doesn't make you a fan of Celtic Thunder I don't know what will! :)

Not The One-  Solely features Paul. This is one of those hauntingly beautiful songs. Go give it a listen, you'll love it!

Stand And Deliver-  The Highwayman (Keith) steals from the rich and gives to the poor.  A song that features Keith really well.

Lagan Love-  To my knowledge, this was one of the first songs to ever feature Neil Byrne.  He still occasionally sings this song and does a great job on it. 
Is anyone else glad that Sharon (Browne) decided to start featuring him? And that he is now a principle singer with Celtic Thunder? I know I am!

Midnight Well- Another memorable song from this show, featuring Ryan Kelly.

This Was My Life-  Features the incomparable talent of George Donaldson.  You all know how much I love his voice and this is one of my favorites to hear him sing. 

Look At Me-  which the Young Buck (Damian) claims that he is "a natural winner", and irresistible to women. The Highwayman (Keith) points out that the women of the village, gathered behind them, are in fact laughing at the Young Buck, who does not take kindly to the realization.

Hail The Hero- This is a classic Celtic Thunder song that if I remember correctly, is also featured in multiple Celtic Thunder projects.  This features the entire Celtic Thunder group and is definitely one to be remembered.

Storm is a dvd that any fan of Celtic Thunder as well as musical theater, is sure to enjoy!  It's available from Celtic Thunder's website and while I included several videos in this post theres also more available from Youtube on Celtic Thunder's channel if you'd like to listen to a few more before purchasing.

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