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Byrne And Kelly's "Live In Kansas City" Review

  Hi friends!
I'm here to chat about one of my favorite recently released cds- Byrne and Kelly Live In Kansas City.  I've often thought that nothing could bring that live atmosphere to a cd project. That is, until I heard Byrne and Kelly's Live In Kansas City cd!

They sing many fan favorites on this cd, but now I'm getting ahead of myself. Let me give the track list and then we'll get started!

CD Track List

1.  Don’t Go
2.  The Garden 
3.  Summer in Dublin / Ride On / Hallelujah
4.  Home From Home
5.  Step It Out Mary
6.  Finnegan’s Wake
7.  The Meeting of the Waters
8.  The Rag Man 
9.  The Boxer
10.  Land of a Thousand Dreams 
11.  Brown Eyed Girl
12.  Where the Streets Have No Name
13.  Irish Rover / Star of the County Down / Rocky Rock to Dublin 

My favorites-

Don't Go- Don't Go has become such a favorite song over the past few years. Such an upbeat sing thats sure to get you jivin' on a road trip (and yes, I do speak from experience!).

The Garden- This is probably one of my all-time favorite B&K songs.  It was the first one I heard off of their cd Echoes and I just love the nostalgic feel to it.

Home From Home- My family and I do a lot of traveling and we've always joked that certain places that we visit each year are our "Home From Home" I'm sure you understand why this one quickly become a favorite when it was released, and it's almost always on repeat!

Finnegan's Wake- We first saw this on Celtic Thunder's X project and then later last year I was able to see it live. It always brings a chuckle or two and I love that Neil changes it up a little bit each time.

Meeting Of The Waters- This song (in my opinion) is one of the best Byrne And Kelly have ever recorded.  Great vocals and I love the lyrics.  It really puts into words how beautiful nature is.

Land Of A Thousand Dreams- One of Ryan's best features. Land Of A Thousand Dreams is such a powerful song.

Brown Eyed Girl- One of my favorite songs to hear Neil sing.  And honestly one of the first songs I ever heard him sing.  I know it's been around since the 60's and recorded by many different artists but Neil truly makes this song his own.

This is an amazing project that quickly become a favorite. This cd immediately makes you feel like you're at a B&K concert. I love that they kept on a lot of the talking. Too many live projects only include say, the clapping at the end of a song and that doesn't really add the live aspect.  I also really liked the new arrangements they gave to some of the songs, as well as the combining of songs (see tracks 3 & 13).  If you have yet to add this cd to your collection do not hesitate any longer! Click through the links below to own a copy of this fabulous album.

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(Pictures are from the St Louis concert I went to last year, not the Kansas City concert.)