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Young Forever Album Review - Damian McGinty

 I was so excited when the day before an upcoming road trip, I received a copy of Damian's recently released cd in the mail. I immediately popped it in the CD player while packing.  There may or may not have been a little bit of a dance party going on, but I can neither confirm nor deny that rumor. 😉

 I had previously heard his single from this album (Saltwater) and loved it, so I was excited to hear the rest of the songs. Let me tell you, the rest of the album is just as incredible! One of the things I love the most about this cd is that Damian wrote/co-wrote almost all of the songs. I think that gives it a very neat, personal touch.

"More than twelve years in the making, Young Forever distills and explores the sounds, adventures, insights, and wisdom gleaned from Damian McGinty's decade on the road with Celtic Thunder, his time on PBS and Glee, his years living in LA, and his observations and experiences of the human condition. This pop-infused album runs the gamut from the upbeat "Sweetest Goodbye," to the powerful "Home Sweet Home," to the hopeful "Love on Rainy Days," to the haunting "Blue and Red Lights." The songs on this album reflect a deep understanding of our universal humanity: our common struggles, triumphs, relationships, and loneliness; our longing for love, escape, and discovery.  Young Forever was produced by Cian Sweeney, Matt Weir and Pete Wallace."

Let me give you the setlist, and then I'll share my favorite songs.

1. Geronimo
2. Home Sweet Home
3. Slow Dance
4. You should Know
5. Bus To Mexico
6. Forever I Do
7. Unbelievable
8. Sixteen
9. No More Time
10. Love On Rainy Days
11. Saltwater
12. Sweetest Goodbye
13. Blue And Red Lights

Now to share my favorites:

Slow Dance- Such a sweet song about how fast life flies by, so when you're with the one you love you need to "take it slow" A fun, upbeat tune that is sure to get you jivin'!

Forever I Do- Another song I absolutely love!  About when you say "I Do," it is for forever.  This also features the amazing range that Damian has really well!

Unbelievable- A stunning ballad, and I love the storyline that plays out throughout the song.  Sometimes in life the things that we think are "Unbelievable" actually do end up happening.

Saltwater- As I mentioned above, this is the one song I had heard before from this cd.  Damian was on the Today Show back in March, and he sang it then.  I absolutely fell in love with this song and have played it constantly ever since.

Damian mentioned in our recent interview that he thought this was going to be a favorite, and he was definitely right! (P.S you can view that interview Here)

Blue And Red Lights- The last song on the cd is a hauntingly beautiful ballad. I won't share much about it but, yes I really like this one too!

This is the perfect cd for everyone, of all generations.  There are many modern "pop" style songs, but there are also the slow ballads. Everyone from grandparents to grandchildren alike will enjoy this fantastic cd. A 10/10 in my book!

You can buy it from Celtic Thunder, Damian's website, and it's also available from iTunes and Amazon.

If you've heard Young Forever, I would love to hear your thoughts! Leave a comment telling me what you think or what your favorite song is!

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