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Interview with DIY Expert - Maria Provenzano

Hey there, Hallmarkies!

This took longer to get up then I originally planned, but better late then never, right?! Right around Valentines Day I had the pleasure of chatting with Home and Family's DIY expert, Maria Provenzano.  She is an absolute joy to talk to, and she gave some advice for DIYers that I'm definitely planning on following.  Lets get started, shall we?

Mercy: Can you tell us a little bit about yourself.
Maria: Sure!  I am a DIYer.  I actually started as a food blogger, so I do lots of cooking on my website called: From Scratch with Maria and then on Home and Family I get to do food and DIY on the show three days a week.  That is sort of like my specialty if you will, on the show.
I'm a mom, I have 2 kids.  Originally I'm from Michigan, so I am a midwest girl.  Been out in California for, gosh about a decade now, working in the industry.  Home and Family is absolutely my dream job! I get to do crafts, cooking and things like that for a living so I'm super happy being here.

Mercy: What started your interest in the diy world?
Maria: So I've actually been doing this my entire life!  My mom was like a very "Suzy homemaker".  Everything she did was from scratch (which was what inspired my website). She made every meal from scratch, she was always doing crafts with us and making things that you'd see in a store, but she was able to make it.  It's something that I've always just done, and to be honest I never knew that it was something people didn't do.  It was always in my everyday life. I would cook, craft and do all these things that as I got older I found it wasn't a normal everyday thing for most people.  It was eye-opening to me.

Mercy: What is your favorite project, craft or recipe that you've done?
Maria: Gosh, thats like picking my favorite child! *laughs*  You know, I'm a big dessert person. I love dessert so I feel like any time I get to marry DIY and food is where I really thrive.  So something like a dessert table.  I did a really fun hanging dessert table for wedding season last Summer.  So that's what I really think my favorite thing to do is - to marry the DIY and food together.

Mercy: Where do you get the inspiration for your projects?
Maria: I would say whatever is going on for us seasonally.  For us a lot of times, especially on Hallmark we have all the movies happening so we're so lucky we get to do things that are seasonal and relevant for the viewers watching. For instance we just got done doing a whole bunch of things for Valentines day.  We get that instant viewer feedback of "I just made that for my kids school" or "I just decorated my house with the giant heart you made!", or things like that.  I would say the seasons are definitely the biggest inspiration.

Mercy: Do you have a favorite or memorable guest who has appeared on Home and Family?
Maria: Oh, thats a hard one too!  You know who I absolutely love, and its fresh in my mind because it happened today, but I love seeing the Hallmark actors who come on our show.  I'm a huge fan of the channel and the movies and today we had Lacey Chabert. I grew up watching her, I've seen her in like a bajillion things! Mean Girls and all of that stuff. You always hope they are as nice as they seem to be on tv, and I can say Lacey Chabert has definitely one top picks of like, not only being really kind of cool to meet, but she's also super nice. Her and Candace Cameron Bure are probably my top people that I've been really excited, and kind of relieved, to know they are super nice in person as well.

Mercy: What is your favorite Holiday or occasion to create recipes and crafts for?
Maria: I think it could potentially be a tie between Christmas and, well, here's the problem... I have Christmas, Valentines Day and Halloween.  Those are my top three.  But I think ultimately Christmas is the favorite because its sort of the one across the board that people really put so much effort into making it extra special. People are really trying to get their families together and decorate the house.  I think a lot of times people go big with it. I think that says something beautiful about that Holiday itself being what inspired someone to get creative, or make something in the kitchen.  I think if I had to really choose, it would be Christmas.

Mercy: Is there a funny moment that you can share from filming Home and Family?
Maria: Theres so many funny things that happen.  I feel like there are these moments off-air that, that is where we are super silly the most.  There was one day that Orly and I, and I truthfully don't remember what it was, but it was one of those times that we think something is funny and during the segment while we are filming the two of us laugh so hard we literally cannot stop laughing!

It's one of those where you don't even necessarily know what it's about, but the fact that the two of us can't stop laughing.  Once the cameras are done they'll be like "we couldn't put the cameras on you because you two couldn't snap out of it" It's just those really funny moments, but then we're like "Why was that so funny?" *laughs*

Mercy: Lastly, do you have any tips for a DIYer?
Maria: I do!  This is one of my favorite topic because I feel like as aspiring DIYers it can feel overwhelming.  Pick your craft with a purpose and choose it from that specific diy that you can transition into another one. For instance, if you do something that requires you to buy a glue gun then in the one do something that also needs a glue gun and pick one more thing etc.  You end up building your craft supplies but it's not overwhelming.  Spending like $20 instead of $100.
Take baby steps and then it won't feel so overwhelming.

Maria, thank you so much for taking the time to talk to me.  Readers, Maria is a an AMAZING DIYer so if you don't already make sure to tune in to Hallmark Channel to watch Home and Family!  Also, please click through the links below to follow her on social media and visit her website.


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