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Wellness Please Collagen Review

Good afternoon, everyone!

I've recently decided to start on a journey to eating better and getting overall healthier.  I've taken several steps to get me started, but one of the first things I looked into acquiring was Collagen.  Collagen has so many health benefits, but I also wanted to make sure it was a quality formula.  So I started researching online, and I ran across a company called Wellness Please.

Their multi-sourced collagen protein includes 18 amino acids, 2 types of concentrated bone broth, cage-free chicken, wild caught snapper, grass-fed bovine, eggshell peptides, etc.  They make it so it's not the "perfect collagen" for just one type of person... it's perfect for everyone!  The main thing I wanted it for was my hair and nails, but I was impressed with all of the added benefits from Wellness Please, and will gladly take any of them I can get!  Haha

  • This company assures you that staying healthy "isn't a sprint, its a marathon", and that is so true. These days a lot of people just want a quick fix, but often that doesn't last long. Sometimes to get true and lasting results, it's going to take a little time! After only using this product for a month I can already tell a major difference in my hair and nails. Just the other day my mom mentioned that she couldn't believe how strong my nails are, and the lady that does my nails is totally jealous of them. I'm also noticing that despite how cold and dry the weather has been recently, it does not seem to be affecting my hair or nails the way it usually would. Yay for Collagen! I normally put a scoop of Collagen in my coffee in the morning, or some sort of breakfast food (shake, overnight oats etc). One of the added bonuses I love is that the bone broth in the collagen keeps you full longer and reduces cravings. My sister has definitely noticed this, and said she's had to remember to make her shakes smaller because the collagen makes her feel more full than she did previously. For those of you who struggle with high blood pressure look no further for an all natural way to help bring it down, Wellness Pleases' Collagen aids in lowering blood pressure.

    Now, I'll leave you all with a recipe to try this amazing, FLAVORLESS (thats right, no need to worry about getting some strange taste in your mouth) collagen and a link to go get some. Because honestly, what more do you need?

    I went looking for a breakfast recipe to try the collagen with and I came across one on Pinterest that looked appetizing. I fiddled with the recipe a little bit to fit my taste and what I had available in my cupboards, so play around with it to make it your own!

    1/2 cup of oats
    1/2 of yogurt, milk or kefir ( I did yogurt)
    one scoop of collagen

    Mix all of the above ingredients, cover it, and put in the fridge overnight. In the morning uncover and put a tablespoon of peanut butter on top, as well as a little banana (obviously optional). This tastes absolutely delicious and I LOVE that it only takes about 10 minutes to make!! P. S. - It's also healthy!

    If you've been looking for a place to get collagen, look no further. This is a great company that you can trust.



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