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Colm Keegan I'll Never Be Alone Cd Review

Hey, everyone!

It's a beautiful day here after our snowstorm last night, and I wanted to jump on for a few minutes and share this album with you.  I'll Never Be Alone is Colm Keegan's very first solo album, and before we even get started I just have to say, from the first song to the very last this is an album well worth getting!  Many of you may know, but this is his debut solo album, so I was anxious to hear it.  My thoughts? The wonderful orchestration, the emotion you can hear as he sings, and the lyrics themselves (all written by Colm himself!) are just fantastic!

"I’ll Never Be Alone, the very first solo album from Irish singer Colm Keegan is finally on sale! This highly anticipated debut solo album offers a huge variety of original music, with music and lyrics written by Colm himself. Colm, best known for his role as one of the Principal singers from the acclaimed World Music show Celtic Thunder, has drawn on both his experience from the show these last five years and brought that into this project, as well as choosing his team of musicians. The album was produced and arranged by Celtic Thunder assistant Musical Director, Seamus Brett, whilst Cellist Laura Durrant also features as performer and collaborator. I’ll Never Be Alone contains hits such as Day My Life Began, which reached #1 on the World iTunes charts upon its release in July 2016, as well as brand new arrangements from fan favourites Beautiful Day and Unwanted Feeling. No matter what mood you are in, Colm has written a song just for you and this promises to be an album not to missed for everyone in the family…"

Okay, I'm getting ahead of myself.  Let me share the track list, and then I'll share some of my absolute favorite songs on this cd.

1. Introit  
2. Day My Life Began  
3. Found the One
4. Waves of Future 
5. Unwanted Feeling  
6. Beautiful Day  
7. Where We'll Be 
8. Lullaby 
9. Bringing Me Down 
10. I'll Never Be Alone

Now in my opinion, every single track on the cd is a winner. However, since that sounds so cliche, here are a few that really stuck out to me as favorites.

Day My Life Began-
This is such a fun and upbeat song. One that you'll start jamming to the minute it comes on...please don't ask for video evidence, just trust me  :)

Found The One-
This song describes what it's like when we find that special someone that we want to spend the rest of our lives with. "I think I’ve finally fallen in love. I wake up every morning. As if the sun were shining, Through the window and on my face. I really want to see you To tell you that I love you!"

Where We'll Be- This is my absolute favorite song on the cd!  From the very first time I heard it, I fell in love.  I play it just about every day, usually more than once.  I mean, when you find a really good song, that's obviously what you have to do! ;)  Plus, I love that Laura joins him on this one.. so sweet.

I'll Never Be Alone-

To sum up my thoughts on this cd: ever since I received it, it has been on repeat.  It's a fantastic cd, and one that I will play over and over for years to come (or until the cd gets destroyed from so much use and I have to purchase a new one). Colm quickly became one of my favorite artists the first time I heard him with CT. I also love that Colm's range is featured on this album.  He has a very broad range, and that's something you don't get to see that often.
It has a little something for everyone - slow ballads and upbeat "make you wanna move" songs.  If you've never heard Colm before, I greatly encourage you to buy this cd. You won't regret it!
If you'd like your own copy of this cd, head on over to Celtic Thunder's website! It's also available on Amazon music and iTunes.

If you enjoyed my review, please let us know below.  Better yet, if you have a copy of the cd, share your thoughts!

Thanks for reading!