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Celtic Thunder Merchandise Review

Hey everyone,

Today I want to pop in and share my thoughts on the following Celtic Thunder merchandise.  I mean, obviously every ThunderHead needs some merch. to support and advertise, so I wanted to share some of my favorites!

  • Celtic Thunder X Hoodie
  • Celtic Thunder Bass Clef T-shirt
  • Celtic Thunder X Ball cap
  • Celtic Thunder Scarf
  • Celtic Cross Necklace
  • Celtic Bracelet

The Hoodie-  I honestly wear a jacket of some sort almost 24/7... partially due to the fact that my family keeps our house so cold (in the upper 60's, and I am always freezing!).  This hoodie is literally one of the most comfortable ones I've ever had, and if I could I would never take it off.  Haha! You may have noticed the oversized fit- I like my jackets/hoodies with a very loose fit, so I went up a size or two.
Wearing my hoodie on vacation in the Smoky Mountains.
 Obviously a big plus is that I get to advertise for Celtic Thunder's X tour! :)

The X Ball Cap- Again, I wear ball caps a lot!  Whether it's just because I like them period, or because I'm having a bad hair day and need to cover it up (don't laugh, we all do it! 😂), this is the perfect hat to do so.  For example, this past week while on vacation my sisters and I had a limited amount of time to change hotels and I didn't have time to "fix" my hair in all the rush, so on went my Celtic Thunder ball cap! :)

The Bass Clef Shirt- I actually gave this to my sister and she loves it!  The music note design makes it the perfect shirt for any music lover, but of course it's extra special for all of us diehard Celtic Thunder fans.  I love the cool design so much!

The Scarf- While I have yet to actually wear this out, I've tried it on with many different outfits.  😂 I'm planning on wearing it when my sisters and I go see Celtic Thunder this week (!!!), so I've decided to wear it then and have to choose what I'll wear it with.  This will be our first time seeing CT live, and as you can tell I'm just a little excited!

I'm not exactly sure how I'm incorporating it into my outfit yet, but I'm sure I'll find a way.  The scarf has a gorgeous design of black and green with Celtic Thunder written in gold at each end.  It'll be the perfect touch!

The Celtic Bracelet-  This is such a cute and basic bracelet that is perfect for a more subtle Celtic touch.  I gave it to my other sister that prefers more simple accessories, and she absolutely loves it!

The Celtic Necklace- I'm not exaggerating when I say that I've worn this necklace to pretty much any dress-up occasion I've been to since I have had it.  It is the perfect piece that you can wear with a casual outfit or you can easily pair it with a more dressy outfit.  All the while, showing off your love of all things Celtic.
And just like the other merchandise I've mentioned, It's perfect for any CT fan!  I love the intricate design of the cross.. it's truly beautiful.

If you'd like to buy any of these awesome products, head on over to Celtic Thunder's website!  These are some spectacular items that I'm sure you'll love just as much as I do!!