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Review & Giveaway of Celtic Thunder "2016 Tour Live" Dvd

Hi, Thunderheads!

I'm back to share another amazing Celtic Thunder dvd with you all!  As always, I'll share the set list first, and then I'll share some of my favorite parts of the dvd.

1. Heartland
2. The Dutchman
3. Ride On
4. Buachaille On Eirne
5. Raggle Taggle Gypsy
6. Danny Boy
7. Now We Are Free
8. Noreen
9. A Place In The Choir
10. Falling Slowly
11. Galway Girl
12. Remember Me
13. Mo Ghile Mear
14. Turning Away
15. Home
16. Streets Of New York
17. The Isle Of Innisfree
18. Take Me Home
19. Desperado
20. I Want To Know What Love Is
21. Hallelujah
22. Breaking Up Is Hard To Do
23. My Irish Molly O
24. Whiskey In The Jar
25. Seven Drunken Nights
26. Cal/Local Hero Instrumental
27. Ireland's Call

Now, my favorite part of this has to be the off-the-cuff/Live atmosphere of this show!  Back in 2016 it was streamed live while they were performing in Saskatoon, Canada.  Same as "Live And Unplugged" it has that unique "Live show" aspect added to it.

My favorite songs/ performances
"Raggle Taggle Gypsy"-  This song has been a favorite of mine since the first time I saw it on, "The Show".  I love seeing the way they changed up who took what part on this version, such as Damian taking the part George originally had. :)
"Danny Boy"-  I LOVE the  different version they do on here!  This is one of my top songs period, but Celtic Thunder's recording of it has to be one of my absolute favorites!
"Falling Slowly"- For the longest time the only Celtic Thunder dvd I has was, "The Show", and I'd watch some clips on Youtube... so for a while all I saw were videos of Damian when he was younger. This was the first song I heard Damian sing as an adult, and I might sort of have this song on repeat a lot... Just ask my sisters! ;)
"Remember Me"-  I've heard several versions of this song- Emmet O'Hanlon recorded it as well as Paul Byrom, but in my opinion, Emmet Cahill truly makes this song his own.
"Turning Away"- This song was originally on "Mythology" I believe.  Definitely a favorite in our family!  The synchronization and harmony is fantastic.
"I Want To Know What Love Is"-  I've always loved Keith's version of this song, and wasn't sure about how I'd like Michael's.  But while they each add their own unique touch to it,  I definitely have to say Michael's version is now my favorite!  This is the perfect song to feature his talent.
"Breaking Up Is Hard To Do"- Damian has been singing this one since he was around 14-15, but honestly, the version on this dvd really features the backup singers... if you've seen it, you know what I'm talking about.  😂  If you haven't seen it yet, go watch it. Then you'll get it! ;)
"Cal/Local Hero Instrumental"-  Celtic Thunder really has one of the most talented bands and I love what they add to the show. They always seem to be having such a good time doing what they do, and their talents really stand out on this instrumental!

This is one of my favorite Celtic Thunder dvds ( I know, I know... I say that about all of them!), and one I'm sure you'd enjoy too!  If you would like a chance to add this dvd to your collection, enter below!

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  1. Falling Slowly is one of my favorites as well! I've always loved the song since I heard the original artists sing it, but there's just something about Damian's cover that makes it my favorite.


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