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Signed, Sealed, Delivered Giveaway


Hi POstables!

 To celebrate the news of when the next "Signed Sealed Delivered" movie is airing, one of my sisters (who is assistant editor on here) offered to "sponsor" a giveaway for you all!

One winner will be receiving the following-
(1) DVD set of the 1st (and only) season of, "Signed Sealed Delivered"
(1) Pair of "Snap Jewelry" sunglasses
(1) "Snap Jewelry" Owl necklace
(5) Unique SSD themed snaps to use with the Sunglasses + Necklace

For those of you that have never heard of Snap Jewelry.  It's a type of jewelry that has interchangeable themed "snaps" so that you can swap out the look of the necklace/sunglasses/bracelet/etc. depending on which snap you choose to use.  There are all sorts of different designs and themes of snaps, but we chose a few to try and really showcase SSD for any avid fan to express their love of the show in a unique way!  There are three owls, and two with a cross and the word, "Faith", on them.  Of course everyone knows that the owls will make you think of Rita, and the cross ones remind us of Oliver's solid faith that he shares.

The snaps.

To enter the giveaway do the following.

Mandatory Entry:
Leave a comment below and share a story regarding a letter/piece of mail you've sent or received that had a special meaning.   Include your email address in the comment so we can contact you if you win.

Extra Entries:
(comment on this post after doing each of the following- if you do not comment, I will not know you have completed the form of entry so you will not receive the extra chances to win)

1. Subscribe to my blog.
2. Visit and "like my facebook page- Moments With Mercy
3. Visit and follow me on Twitter- @mercyrlyman
4. Visit and follow me on Instagram- @mercyrlyman
5. Comment your favorite SSD episode or movie.
6. Comment your favorite part/aspect of Signed Sealed Delivered.

This giveaway will run until June 28th.  At that time I will select a random winner and email them.  If they do not respond within 48 hours I will select another winner.



  1. I recently found a half uncle through ancestry that I didn't know I had. He has been mailing me old letters about other members of my new family. Exchanging mail with him has been a true blessing.

  2. When my Dad writes letters, it's like sitting down and having a conversation with him. He has written His mother, my grandmother, letters for over 30 years, since he moved out of state. She kept them all. When she passed away, he didn't want them, so I got them. They are a priceless treasure to me.

  3. Hi, I've been looking forward to this giveaway. Have you announced a winner yet? It looks fantastic!!!

    1. Hi, you were the randomly chosen winner! Email me at mercyrlyman(at)gmail(dot)com or just shoot me an email at the contact page at the top.
      In your email I'll need your mailing address.
      Thanks so much!


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