My Dear Miss Dupre | Review

Day 20 - 40 of When God Calls The Heart!

Hi Hearties!  Back to share my thoughts on day 20-40 of When God Calls The Heart. I will share a little bit from around 5-8 devotionals...
 I am so sorry for this being so late!

Day 24 "Be Somebody's Hero"
Deut 20:4
"At some point in our lives, God calls each of us to overcome out fears and stand up for whats right..."

 Sometimes we're afraid to stand up for whats right.  This chapter encourages us, telling us that "God will go with us into battle".

Day 25 " Loving The Unlovely"
Eph 4:32
"The Bible says that a soft answer turns away wrath.  Theres always a deeper reason for an obnoxious persons behavior..."

First, can we bring back talking like this!  No one says lovely or unlovely anymore... Anyways, :)  This is something that everyone probably needs at some point in their life.  We've all had times that we respond to someone in a way we shouldn't.  whether it be family, friends or a stranger.  It's been on my heart a lot recently.  Everyone has things that they have or may be going through and while they may be rude to you it doesn't mean you should respond in kind.  Respond to them politely.  

Day 29.  "The Best Place To Be"
Jeremiah 29:12
It's difficult to have faith when the landslides and floods of life hit...  When life gets hard, the best place to be is on our knees..."

Day 31 Getting Past The Past
"Many of us are like Cyrus.  We've gone through painful events, and we become so focused on our past troubles that we have a hard time moving on to the dreams God has waiting for us.  We allow fear to keep us stuck on the bench of old circumstances when God wants to get us up on our feet and running the race that he has planned for us."

Day 33 The Most Dangerous Prayer
"Sometimes we move towards our goals with great enthusiasm.  We have a plan and confidence to put them into action.  But if we aren't careful, its easy to forget something important.  The mission is God's, not ours.  And He puts us into positions of power on purpose, for His purpose."

Day 34 Adversity Doesn't Define Us
"The Bible says we need to be joyful even when we encounter trials, because the testing of our faith produces endurance."

I hope you all have enjoyed seeing little tidbits from a few of the devotionals and hearing my thoughts on some of them.  If you'd like to buy a copy of When God Calls The Heart go to

Thanks for reading!