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Review of "When God Calls The Heart" Written by Brian Bird and Michelle Cox

Hi Hearties,  I was so excited to receive the "When God Calls The Heart" devotional for review.  I've decided to share my thoughts on the first day (today), day 20 (halfway through) and on day 40 (the last devotional)! 
I hope you all decide to follow along on my journey!

Now, so far I've technically done the first 5 days since I did the preview on the Bible app they offered before the book released but I've decided to restart at the very beginning again :)

First of all I have to comment about the dedication...  Brian and Michelle put- "This book is dedicated to the Hearties, the best fan group in the world."  That, to me, was so sweet and I speak for myself (and I'm sure for all the other Hearties) when I say thank you both SO MUCH for that.  We are all so grateful for you both!!

Right underneath the dedication is Jeremiah 29:13, which I have to say; is one of my personal favorite Bible verses.

The next part is the Foreword.  Written by the lovely Janette Oke.  While I'm definitely not sharing all of the foreword, I thought I'd share this small section.
"Life is filled with bumps.  We all experience them.  Some are mere inconveniences, others are life-changing.  It is so easy to say that God allows them to build our faith-to make us stronger-to show others that God really can and does see us through the tough spots.  All the statements are true, but a little hard to keep in mind when we are in the midst of a bump-time."
And... I'll leave you with that! :)  You will have to read the devotional to find out what else she says.

The first devotional is titled:
Dream Big... Expect Surprises

Underneath Jeremiah 29:11 is written out
And then this quote from Elizabeth is written-
"I can do this.  We can do whatever God calls us to do- with His Help."

This chapter discusses something that I think is important for Christians everywhere to hear. 
Sometimes, when we have a dream and something happens that puts that dream, goal or aspiration on hold; we so easily give up.  Sometimes, what we are called to do may not be quite what we think it should be.  Maybe there are trials we go through that we never imagined, but through it all we have to trust that God has a plan.

"As Elizabeth learned, people can discourage us and circumstances can temporarily defeat us, but God never wants us to give up on the dreams he has for us.  There is no such thing as being uncalled.  We don't get to un-ring that bell- even when the world puts thieves and outhouses in our path.
Persistence always beats resistance."

After each devotional there's a "Prayer From The Heart" and a small question section titled "What's On Your Heart Today?". 

I'm extremely pleased with this devotional so far and its definitely one that I would recommend to a friend.  I've been looking for a good one for quite a long time and this one exceeds all expectations.

Also, lastly the artwork in this book is gorgeous and I understand that Jordan Blackstone granted use of 4 of her paintings.  Thank you, Jordan!! What a superb job.  For those of you interested, here's a link to her website.

Until Chapter 20...
P.S.  If you haven't yet, here's a link to buy the "When God Calls The Heart" devotional.