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Moments With Mercy: Interview With Kristin Booth

POstables, It is with great joy that I'm sharing this interview with you all!
Kristin, since the very first time I saw "Signed, Sealed, Delivered", became one of my favorite actresses.  She is such a beautiful and talented person and I'm amazed every time I see her acting ability.
Straight off I'll share a little bit about Kristin, and then we'll get right into the interview.

"Kristin Booth is a Canadian actress, born in Kitchener, Ontario. She graduated with Honours BFA from Ryerson Theatre School at Ryerson University in 1997. She is also a graduate of Rockway Mennonite Collegiate in Kitchener, Ontario."

Mercy: What started your interest in acting?
Kristin: When I was 12 years old I auditioned and was cast as a chorus orphan in a summer stock production of “Annie.”  I fell in love with performing and never looked back.

Mercy: What is your favorite part of being in Hallmark films?
Kristin: Hallmark is a family and they make family-friendly entertainment.  Movies and series that can be enjoyed by all ages, parents can rest assured that their children can view anything on the network and not have to worry about what they might see.

Mercy: How do you balance work and motherhood?
Kristin: It’s not easy but I have a wonderful husband that shares the responsibilities and as an actor I have chunks of time when I’m not working and can just focus on being a parent.  I’m grateful for the type of flexibility acting can offer me.

Mercy: What is a role you haven’t portrayed that you’d like to?
Kristin: A detective.  I love crime based films and tv and would love to step into that kind of role.

Mercy: What drew you to the role of Shane?
Kristin: Too many things to name!  She’s a strong, independent, intelligent woman.  The fact that every time I read a new script I'm surprised at the growth of this character is such a gift.  Martha Williamson created a character with endless challenges and possibilities!

Mercy: What advice would you give an aspiring actor/actress?
Kristin: Follow your heart and trust your gut.  And there are very few overnight successes, if you’re not willing to put a lot of work into it, choose something else.  And don't pursue an acting career to “get famous.”  It’s a challenging business and if that’s your single motivation it won’t be enough to sustain a career.

Mercy: Who’s the prankster on the set of SSD?
Kristin: We all love a good practical joke!  Martha has had some pretty good ones!  Like the time she told Geoff she had rewritten a scene that meant he had a page long monologue to memorize in 10 mins, lol!

Mercy: Who is your role model/s?
Kristin: My Mom and my late Grandmother Lois Finlay.

Mercy: What do you like to do in your free time?
Kristin: I love pilates and spin.  I also love nature walks and photograph but mostly spending time with my family and friends.

Kristin, thank you so much for doing this!  I, along with all the other POstables, can't wait to see you in the new SSD movie premiering this coming Sunday!!  Readers, I hope you enjoyed.