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Moments With Mercy- Interview with Masey McLain

Hello everyone!

I first heard of Masey McLain back when filming was going on for the movie about Rachel Scott, called- I'm Not Ashamed.  While I have to admit the reason I first knew about this movie was because Ben Davies, who I recognized from the film Courageous had posted about it. I started following along as they were filming and started following Masey on social media, I immediately became a fan!  Her sweet spirit shines through, and she is such a nice, humble person.
Now, instead of me just talking about her, let's, let her do the talking. :)

Mercy: What started your interest in acting?
Masey: My interest in acting started when I was little I think. My mom has a huge background in musical theater, and she always choreographed these incredible plays that the whole town would come to, and I just always remember thinking how magical they were. My sister and I also were always putting on plays and making our family watch, so I think I’ve always had that desire in me to perform. It wasn’t until high school when I auditioned for my first role in a play that I wanted to pursue it. From there I decided I wanted to try acting for TV and film, and I fell in love with it.

Mercy: Why do you think the Rachel Scott story is so important today?
Masey:  I think Rachel’s story is so important today because she showed what it looks like to live on mission and make an impact right where she was. There are so many things happening in the world today and I see so many people posting about what we need to do to change the world. But what if we all got off our phones and truly invested in the people around us? Love the person right next to you. See the person right next to you, and care about what they’re going through. I think Rachel understood what it meant to make an impact, and I think it’s so much more simple than what we make it sometimes. 

Mercy: When did you get saved?
Masey: I gave my life to Jesus when I was 7 years old. It was definitely the best and most life changing decision I have ever made! 

Mercy: In what ways do you relate to Rachel?
Masey: I think I relate to Rachel’s desire to make an impact. She wanted so badly to make a difference and to be used by God. She was also pretty hard on herself at times. She always wanted to do more and many times she didn’t think she was doing enough to make a difference. I can find myself thinking that way at times. I also love Rachel’ sense of humor and her desire to put a smile on people’s face—there really isn’t a greater joy than that.

Mercy: What did you enjoy most about writing the devotional "It's Worth It"?
Masey: The thing I enjoyed most about writing “It’s Worth It” was getting to see God’s faithfulness. There have been heart-wrenching seasons in my own life that I didn’t understand at the time, but looking back I now see God’s hand and what He was doing and teaching me. So many seasons of refinement that I’m so thankful for and thankful I get to share. It was amazing to get to write some of them down, and be reminded of how faithful God is.

Mercy: We know you enjoy writing music.  What can you tell us about what you have done?
Masey: I love that you asked this question! I am actually working on recording some original music right now that I’m excited about. Writing music has has always been a passion of mine, so I am excited to finally get to do a little bit with it. In the mean time, a few months ago I did a mashup with my friend, Louisa Wendorff, and you can find that on Spotify, iTunes, and Youtube!

Mercy: What is something most people don't know about you?
Masey: Something most people don’t know about me…..I played basketball all throughout high school (and it’s still my favorite sport).

Mercy: What do you like and dislike most about acting?
Masey: What I like most about acting: The director of I’m Not Ashamed, Brian Baugh, puts it best, “Isn’t it fun to give it your all?” It’s so much fun to see how far you can go with a character and get lost in it. There’s something so special that happens when you get to the place you need to be emotionally, whatever that may be, and give it all you have. It’s unlike anything! What I dislike most about acting: when you’re an actor, most of the time you're auditioning a ton. I have grown to love auditioning, but there is way more rejection than anything. When people tell me they want to be an actor, I always follow up with “Are you sure? Because if you don’t truly love it, you will absolutely hate it.” Many people just see the red carpets and cool movies, but they don’t see how much work it is! It definitely takes grit. 

Mercy: Are you going to continue to pursue a career in acting, or do you have other goals?
Masey: Yes, I am continuing to pursue my career in acting. It’s what I love to do and I hope I get to continue! Alongside acting, I also will hopefully write again, continue to do music, and also continue with speaking engagements.

Mercy: Can you tell us a little bit about your speaking ministry.
Masey:  I never dreamed that I would become a speaker, but it has been surprising how much I have loved it. My dad is a pastor, so I think growing up watching him has helped tremendously as well. My favorite thing after an event is getting to talk to people and hear how the Lord spoke to them. I never get over that, and am always just amazed at how God works! 

Masey, Thank you so much for doing this. You are such a  authentic, inspirational and godly role model for girls these days and it was an honor to interview you!
Readers, I hope you enjoyed.  Make sure to follow Masey on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.  Also make sure you visit her website!  You definitely want to buy her devotional if you haven't already!
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