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Celtic Thunder CD & DVD Review and Giveaway!! #CelticThunder #Giveaway

Hello, readers!  I am so thrilled to be sharing my review of this wonderful cd (Celtic Thunder Inspirational) and dvd (Legacy Volume One) with you all.  As you probably know, I'm a huge fan of Celtic Thunder and have previously interviewed one of the singers (Neil Byrne).  First off, we'll talk about the cd and then move on to the dvd.

This cd of CT's has to be one of my all time favorites of theirs!  Filled with classic hymns that everybody knows, and then a few songs that I had never heard before. 

Track List:

1. From The Ground Up
2. If I can Dream
3. Feels Like Home To Me
4. Down To The River To Pray
5. Kindred Spirits
6. May The Road Rise To Meet You
7. Unanswered Prayers
8. Be Still, My Soul
9. The Voyage
10. Amazing Grace
11. In The Garden
12. Hallelujah
13. You Light Up My Life
14. Crying In The Chapel
15. The Preacher And The Stranger
16. How Great Thou Art
17. To Where You Are
18. You Raise Me Up
19. Comfort Ye
20. Danny Boy
21. You'll Never Walk Alone

This cd features the current lineup: Emmet Cahill, Ryan Kelly, Neil Byrne, Damian McGinty and Michael O'Dwyer.  There is also a song featuring each of these former CT members: George Donaldson, Daniel Furlong, Paul Byrom and Keith Harkin.

From the very first song on this cd to the last, it is filled with beautiful and inspiring songs. One of my favorites is Damian singing Feels Like Home To Me.  I had never heard this song before but I can say without a doubt that Damian nails it.
When Celtic Thunder joins together on May The Road rise To Meet You, it is musical perfection. This one is an absolute must-listen!!  Again, this is another that I had never heard before but it has definitely become a favorite.
 I could not talk about this cd without mentioning The Voyage.  George was and always will be one of my favorite singers and this song is so beautiful. I love that they added this, keeping his legacy and memory very much alive.
In The Garden is one of my favorite hymns, so I was looking forward to hearing this track. Let's just say Emmet's version of this song is fantastic-the best I've ever heard!!!
Lastly, the final song on this cd, You'll Never Walk Alone, has has been a longtime personal favorite of mine. I love their nod to the old musicals/music of yesteryear. 

The lineup for the dvd is Ryan Kelly, Damian McGinty, Neil Byrne, Colm Keegan, Keith Harkin and Emmet O'Hanlon.

Track List:

1. Heartland
2. Danny Boy
3. The Galway Girl
4. Mountains If Mourne
5. Ride On
6. Buchaille On Eirne
7. Raggle Taggle Gypsy
8. Black Velvet Band
9. The Dutchman
10. Falling Slowly
11. A Place In The Choir
12. Noreen
13. Caledonia
14. Cal Local Hero
15. Ireland's Call

Heartland has been a favorite for quite awhile now and I'm so glad they put that one on here.
Raggle Taggle Gypsy is another that my family absolutely loves! It's just a fun song (that will stick in your head all day!) that ends with some drumming "competition" between Neil and two of the band members.
Falling Slowly is my favorite on this dvd, as well as one of my all-time favorites from Celtic Thunder! Damian does an awesome version of this song.
I couldn't go without mentioning the longtime fan favorite A Place In The Choir.  This song is also a little extra special since it's the reason I started listening to Celtic Thunder. Somebody shared a video of this one with me, and that got me hooked.
Finally, Ireland's Call.  This is one that I believe they've been singing since they first started, and if you've never heard this song... go listen to it right now!! Our entire family enjoys singing along whenever this comes on.

Both of these are wonderful products that I (and my family) will get many hours of enjoyment from.  Celtic Thunder knows how to put together a show like no other group and Inspirational and Legacy are both definite hits! They can inspire with big songs such as Ireland's Call, brighten your day with fun upbeat songs such as A Place In The Choir, and also sing a slow ballad to soothe and calm, such as their version of How Great Thou Art - beautiful harmony, with just a quiet piano background.

You can buy both of these products here from the Celtic Thunder store.

And now for the giveaway!!  Celtic Thunder not only sent me these products for review, but they also graciously agreed to give away one copy of each to a lucky winner!

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