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Stories From The POstables: Signed Sealed Delivered And How It Touches Our Lives! Pt1

Signed Sealed Delivered first aired in 2013.  Since then it was decided it would be made into TV series and then back to TV movies. 
In an effort to get Hallmark to renew this show many of us #POstables decided to share why we love this show so much.

"It all comes down to the fact that each film/episode is filled with hope, we need more of it on these times (or any time in fact)" ~ Richard A.

"SSD brings us together. My husband, parents, in laws, aunts and uncles and cousins, and friends have all fallen in love with SSD and then shared it with their friends and family. I have never seen a show so universally loved by people with all different tastes in media. The magic of SSD is that you can watch them over and over and still find something new, deeper layers or connections. Martha Williamson is a master at her craft and the postables are incredible at conveying a wide range of emotions. They make you laugh and cry and deepen your faith in God all at the same time. They are a beacon of goodness in the world." ~Amy A.

"I love SSD, because it is so different from the average series on any network. The characters are so real and believable..and they are almost like a family, as Norman and Rita said. My favorite part recently was Norman proposing to Rita. I cried like a baby. I look forward to the day when the same occurs between Oliver and Shane! Let's hope it goes that long! Please Hallmark, continue this wonderful series." ~Shirley R.

"There is nothing like Signed Sealed Delivered anywhere else on TV or movies. This series is inspiring and beautiful in our sometimes dark world. Signed Sealed Delivered is not only entertaining. It makes a difference in our lives. This family is very grateful for Signed Sealed Delivered." Paula H.

"Thanks Mercy, I love these movies brings people together changes people’s lives gives hope and love in the world Martha’s writing is truly impressive and talent from the whole cast is so moving it moves me to tears" Ashley E.

" I love the compelling storylines and bond between the Characters that slowly unfolds and makes me patiently wait for what’s next. I cry every time I watch Impossible Dream!" Linda E.

" Thank you so much Mercy! The SSD movies are my favorite movies ever. So much hope, love, caring and friendship. I love that God is mentioned in these movies. God and Family are respected.
I love that Oliver is such a Gentleman, something you don't see in many shows these days.
I love how Shane is finding Faith and God in her life.
I love how Norman has the sweetest kindest heart. How much he loves Rita. I want to see their wedding and more.
I love how Rita is so goofy and yet loves everyone and has such a big heart. I love how much Owls make her so happy.
What does this show mean to me....these Actors/Actresses are my extended family.
The #POstables are my extended family.

Oh and of course I want to see Shane and Oliver get Married. I love how they are getting closer and closer to each other. The ups and downs they have shared. I want to see more." Teresa D.

"I love the Signed Sealed and Delivered movies so much! They are my favorite movies! I identify with the characters and they feel like family to me. I especially enjoy Oliver, and his gentle, old fashioned manners that never go out of style. But I like each one who is so unique in their own special way. I love how God is brought into every one of them and honored. Family is respected and they show kindness to others. My heart is always touched in each one." ~Esther S.

" Fabulous series, nothing else like it on TV! The whole family can sit down together and watch it without any worry of foul language, extreme violence etc. It shows what can happen when people respect each other, team work, the list could go on. Each episode leaves you hopeful of what we could have if we were all a little kinder to each other..." ~Sher R.

" Love all Hallmark productions as they show values of thinking and caring for one another. Always all the films can be shown with all the family. I like Signed Sealed and Delivered as they are such unusual characters and all work together with their special skills in solving the mysteries. ⭐️" ~Penelope J.

" SSD is an outstanding series, touching your heart and soul with every episode! The chemistry among the cast members is amazing, the storyline always compelling, drawing you in like a magnet. Please, Hallmark, let this remarkable series continue! These shows represent the real Christian and moral values of America and oh, how we all need to be reminded of that in the times in which we are living! May there be MANY more episodes of SSD!!!" ~Karen S.

"I love SSD because it has taught me so many thongs about faith, trust (trust the timing), and hope. I love that it teaches Christian morals and values. The writing and acting is compelling.
It has been many years since a TV show has had such an affect on my life. Please make more movies!" ~Darlene C.

" I love this series, the actors are perfect and they get so involved in the lives of the people they are looking for. Each letter deserves their utmost attention. Wonderful show." ~Sandy K.

" SSD has a subtle way of incorporating faith, trust, dedication to a career, and friendship into each movie. It has a bit of everything for the young to the old, always leaving a life lesson to be shared. " ~Ming B.

"I love the wholesomeness of the series. It reminds me of how we all used to feel before we became adults. It's clean and decent. I can almost promise that's why their canning it. In my option, that is exactly what we need. It makes you feel good inside. I really hope they continue it, but if not, then I hope something better comes along, but that's a far stretch." ~Brenda Z.

"No matter what’s going on, I always feel better after having watched it. It’s full of hope and grace and encouragement." ~Joy T.

"I love SSD. This so is family oriented no cussing. My husband likes watching this show he doesn't like shows like these. I love the fact they are from the heart and they are not ashamed to bring God and his scriptures in the mix! I know they are TV shows but I can relate to them. They are encouraging, keep moving forward! I miss watching them every week, but I will take a movie to. Please continue to make these wonderful shows!!!" ~Wanda E.

"I love SSD because it shows good influences on how much our postal system goes through to get the mail delivered. My favorite part is that Oliver and Shane has finally started a relationship" ~Tiffani Y.

" I love all the characters and their real life scenarios that I can relate to. I have loved seeing the relationships bloom and grow. The stories they tell and help with in the dead letters they investigate are wonderful. I can't pick a favorite because they all have touched my heart in a special way. I hope Hallmark will continues the stories, especially with the current cast. Not sure it would be the same otherwise. Looking forward to the next SSD ❤️" ~Mary M.

" I love this show! There’s always a heartwarming story, but the continuing romance that develops between the two main couples is so well done. It’s not rushed but very romantic in a satisfying way. Watching the relationship develop between Oliver and Shane is what I love most. I would feel a real sense of loss if these movies did not continue. Please keep the story going!!!" ~Annette T.

" It has all of the elements of loving godly people whom cares deeply for others and shows compassion in a trying tribulations time in this world. It's a break from the ugly of life. It's what we could all have if we all truly tried hard enough.♥️✝️" ~Christine M.

" love the show and the characters love the caring for others and helping to make things right love the unrushed developing romances one of the bests viewing shows on TV Keep them coming please!" ~Judy R.

"Love this show. It shows that some people really love their jobs. Human kind at its best. Going out of their way to make sure that letter gets delivered to the right person. In the mean time, they have problems of their own to deal with. This world would be a better place if all of us can be kind to each other." Susan C.

"This is a one of a kind show that you don’t see duplicated. It is part mystery, part romance and comedy, and part reality. It always leaves you with something to think about. I love SSD!!!" ~Mary J.

" Love, love, love this show. The best of the best! I love the characters they are very believable and I love the development of their love for one another and their incredible kindness and caring for others. We must have more of this show!" ~Clara P.

"Martha’s stories convey principles of truth." ~Frances M.

"To me it is a modern day Little House on the Prairie. Love, compassion, honestly and faith in yourself and mankind are a huge part of SSD.
Love this show . I live in Canada and don't see it as a series. I have all videos from the show." ~Carolyn G.

" I enjoy the actors. They work well together. In the show they bring joy or hope or return something lost. That is all very special." ~Patricia U.

"I enjoy the story lines. Stories of people who have hope restored because of a letter that once was lost, but now gets to its intended recipient. These stories have all been great, as has the development of the main characters of the show. I have truly come to care for them all like friends." ~April K.

"I love the way the characters bond together & the great storylines that hit my heart & make me feel warm & cozy inside. Thanks for your generosity." ~Linda M.

"I love SSD for so many reason. It is a show that I am proud to watch with not only my children, but my aunt and my grandparents and we all find it equally enjoyable. It speaks a language that the world needs more of, one of forgiveness, kindness, love, hard work and friendship. It is like nothing else on television. It teaches life lessons in a way that is so simple yet profound and life changing. I can't tell you how many stories I've heard from people who's lives have literally been changed by SSD. It brings together families and helps to mend broken hearts. It is truly a gem." ~Amanda P.
"My favorite part of this show is that its completely family friendly! 
This is a series my entire family enjoys.  My favorite episode is "To Whom It May Concern."  The episode where the girl is looking for the soldier who saved her life.  I either cry or almost cry every time I watch that episode!  And I also have to add, unlike many shows, even the ones I enjoy have episodes/movies I didn't care for.  Not this series!!

This is a series that touches lives. I know hearing theses stories from people about how this show has impacted them, touched me. 

There were so many people that wrote me that I wasn't even able to include in this post... Which just goes to show how big this fan base is!  For those who I didn't include in this post I've decided to also do a part 2 to this.  I'll include you in that."
Hallmark, I and all the POstables  petition you... Please continue this series! 


  1. I love this show. My family loves this show. It tells stories. It brings people together. It exemplifies kindness and going out of the way to help another person. This is a family show that we can watch together. There are not many shows except through Hallmark that we can watch together as a family. We so appreciate and value that. There are touching moments. There are serious moments. Sometimes there are moments when the Postables are racing against the clock. There are values that parents want their children to learn and exemplify. It's heartwarming. It's funny. Each character has their own characteristics. This is so human. It is okay to be different. That's so wonderful to be able to see that in a television show. I do hope sincerely that Hallmark will continue this program. It's truly wonderful and so needed for families. It's needed for anyone single or a family who wants wholesome, honest television programs they can watch without so many things that are in regular TV programs today. Please continue the series. It would mean so much to all of the people who value our values. Plus, it's just a wonderful show to watch. When you're finished with watching a program, you just feel good. Thank you for listening to the people who really value Hallmark and what you bring to television.

    1. I love this! Would you mind if I share this in my second post about this series?


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