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Stories From The POstables: How Signed Sealed Delivered Has Touched Our Lives Pt 2

"I love this show. My family loves this show. It tells stories. It brings people together. It exemplifies kindness and going out of the way to help another person. This is a family show that we can watch together. There are not many shows except through Hallmark that we can watch together as a family. We so appreciate and value that. There are touching moments. There are serious moments. Sometimes there are moments when the Postables are racing against the clock. There are values that parents want their children to learn and exemplify. It's heartwarming. It's funny. Each character has their own characteristics. This is so human. It is okay to be different. That's so wonderful to be able to see that in a television show. I do hope sincerely that Hallmark will continue this program. It's truly wonderful and so needed for families. It's needed for anyone single or a family who wants wholesome, honest television programs they can watch without so many things that are in regular TV programs today. Please continue the series. It would mean so much to all of the people who value our values. Plus, it's just a wonderful show to watch. When you're finished with watching a program, you just feel good. Thank you for listening to the people who really value Hallmark and what you bring to television." ~A Perfect Solution VA.

" I love ❤️ this series so much because Martha’s writing is brilliant and the actors portray their characters so convincingly. Also, allowing Faith and hope to be apart of the story line is refreshing! Thanks " ~Ndala H.

"Please, please ,please continue these wonderful series. The four leads have the most wonderful chemistry. It would be a shame to end this series. One of the wonderful stories with no violence, cursing and immorality. We need more TV shows like this one! I can hardly wait for February 11 for the next one!" ~Linda C.

"Beautifully written stories with great actors that work together so well! The genuineness of the love, faith and hope that is shared through every story warms my heart! Heartwarming to know I don’t have to worry about foul language, immorality & violence when I watch!" ~Nancy M.

"I just love Oliver and Shane! There relationship is so sweet! And I love how old fashioned he is! I love how God is brought into each of their lives! The whole show is amazing! It is heartwarming, funny, sweet, cheesy and wonderful family entertainment! You laugh, you cry, you feel warm fuzzies inside! I hope to see it go on for many more years!" ~Abigail P.

"I really enjoy the show Sign Sealed Deliver. its really heartwarming show its so nice to see a good show with no cussing, no Violence just positive show of people caring about people. Please keep the show a rolling the people are loving it ." ~Christina D.

" I adore the writing on this Show, how the stories have a faith-based element and how they're woven into all of the characters! Outstanding!" Bobbi S.

"Love how they go about solving who the mail belongs to and each one in the group and that its faith based." ~Pam N.

I have never seen a series that has such a perfect combination of corny and intense drama. I love how each story tells a new story as well as building on each character episode after episode. These characters make us feel as if we know them. I especially love that the same actors have remained with the show the entire time. I love the courtship aspect...a lost art these days. I love that I can watch these movies with my grandson. Ramone is a riot and who doesn't love Oliver's father. SSD is honest and it is perfection." ~Janet M.

"It’s unique for the Hallmark story lines of how the other movies go. Love the addition of Gregory Harrison and Barry Bostiwick." ~Candi J.

"SSD is the absolute best program on television. I watch the episodes and movies over and over again, and I still come away with something new because the writing is so deep and beautiful. I can always count on SSD to brighten my day. Martha Williamson and the cast have created something truly special and unique." ~Christine S.

"This is such a special heartwarming series! So well done bringing tears many times from the warmth and compassion of the characters and humor displayed. Love it!" ~Barbara D.

" I love how they come together. The show is about kindness and helping each other. It sends a good message." ~Esther W

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  1. My introduction to "Signed, Sealed, Delivered" was last year with "Higher Ground", and it made such a profound impact on my life. It was shortly after my dear husband's death. I have my faith, my family, and my friends, but in those quiet hours after the activity of the day is over, I needed some temporary "escape" from my grief. The characters are people who display love and kindness and respect to one another. The intriguing stories of mystery don't need a homicide. The postal detectives are not searching for a murderer, but rather a recipient of a lost letter. Every episode is heartwarming and uplifting. I'm so very grateful to have found SSD, when I needed it most! ---e.t.m.


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