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Review of Love In The Rain!

Hey y'all, I am so excited to share my review of this wonderful book with you all!
As many of you know I have already interviewed both the authors of this book- Kerri Brown and Cleopatra Thomas.

I received Love In The Rain in the mail Monday morning (with a lovely note from Kerri) and may or may not have finished it by that afternoon... :)  I'm a very fast reader but the book is also very interesting.  Just ask my family, if I'm not interested in a book it will probably take me around a week to finish it.  If I really enjoy a book, I'll finish it within a few days.

"When Judith Marshall left her city home to start schools across the Canadian frontier, she had no intentions of falling in love.  But when she meets the handsome and charming Constable Henry Allen, her plans may change.  Every time they make progress in their relationship, they are torn apart.  It seems hopeless.  But what does God have in store for them?"

Okay, first things first.  One of my favorite parts of this book is the chasteness of it.  It has such a Janette Oke feel to me and I absolutely love that!

This is one of those books that inspires the reader. One minute it will bring you to tears, the next it will make you laugh.. you'll be mad, and then just as quickly it'll make you happy.  But most importantly of all, you will marvel at how God works.

To whet your appetite I'll share a little bit from when Judith and Henry first meet-
"Since she didn't have an umbrella with her, it seemed she would simply have to get soaked to make it back in time to catch her train.  Gathering her skirt in one hand and holding unto her hat with the other, she started hurrying down the sidewalk. 
"Hey there - wait up!"  Someone called out.
Judith didn't realize until a moment later that they had been calling her.  Suddenly, she was under the shelter of a large umbrella, and a strong hand grasped her arm slowing her down.  She looked up in surprise into the face of a Mountie, who was looking at her with a very amused expression.
"It's a little damp out to be going for a walk, isn't it?"  He quipped.
"I have to catch a train.  I don't have much choice!"
"Well, I am actually on my way to the station to catch a train as well.  Would you mind if I shared my umbrella?"
Judith shook her head with a slight smile
"Not at all.  I would appreciate it."

Both of these authors are very talented and keep you guessing as to how/if  Henry and Judith will end up together.

One of my favorite parts of the book was when young Claire makes Henry and Judith act like a married couple! :)  While I won't actually share anything that happens in that part of the book, lets just say I was laughing out loud.

I greatly enjoyed this book and highly reccomend it.  You can buy it here.

This is a book that I greatly enjoyed and will definitely read again and again.  Kerri and Cleopatra, You both did such a fantastic job with this book and I can't wait to see where this series goes as well as both of yours' endeavors in other things!