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Review of When Calls The Heart: The Christmas Wishing Tree

Hi y'all! While the new WCTH Christmas movie aired Monday evening, my sisters and I were just able to watch it this evening!  Since we weren't able to watch it on Monday, we used Amazon Video where you can rent it for approximately $3.  Anyways, back to the review.

"The return of a loved one, the renewal of the Christmas spirit, and hope for a miracle are some lofty Christmas wishes. But, with the help of a Wishing Tree, the town of Hope Valley discovers that wishes can be granted in the most unexpected ways."

The movie was very well written, great acting on all parts, and the costumes and scenery were fantastic!


1. I love the way they did the makeup in this.  While not a big thing, in some of the previous episodes the makeup has been not so natural, and to me it seemed more natural in "The Wishing Tree". 

2. The Christmas Spirit!  This entire hour and a half movie brims with Christmas spirit.  Between Dr. Shepherd helping Mrs. McCormick, Elisabeth and Jack helping Robert (and then Elisabeth helps his parents get the Christmas spirit), Abigail convincing Bill to bring Gowen back for Christmas, Cody surprising Abigail with "a trip to the North Pole" etc.  I could go on and on about this! :)

3.  I'm really excited that they are bringing more of the other characters to the forefront.  Jesse and Clara had a bit more screen-time in this episode, as well as characters like Mike Hickam.

4. As I mentioned above, the acting was fantastic!  I'm especially enjoying the younger children's acting.  All of these kids are amazing in their roles.

5.  Lastly I'll touch on my favorite moments. 
A. While the show's main focus is on Jack and Elisabeth (and I greatly enjoy their storyline) my favorite couple on this show is actually Rosemary and Lee!  They are hilarious to watch together and yet have some very sweet moments as well.

B. I couldn't mention favorite moments without mentioning when Jack and Elisabeth first reunite.  While I admit that it was very sudden, him appearing right behind her, I loved that Abigail and the Coulters surprised her. 

C.  The very end of this movie where J + E are standing near the tree talking to Abigail, and Bill's "wish ornament" falls.  Just after they finish reading it, Bill shows up and tells Jack that there's a blizzard which means he can stay until further notice.  Priceless!

D. The storyline of Carson Shepherd helping Mrs. McCormick find her Christmas spirit again is one of my favorites.  I love how he's willing to share from his personal (painful) experience in effort to help her.

E. Lastly, as with anything WCTH, I appreciate the family friendly movie.  It was filled with Christmas joy, humor, touching moments, kindness, etc. All while keeping it clean!  A classic Christmas movie that I will definitely re-watch!

I wanted to touch on a subject that's been going around in the Hearties Facebook group as well as other social media sites and that is this- Erin Krakow wearing a wig for her role as Elisabeth Thatcher.  When I first started the movie, yes, you could tell she was wearing a wig, but it's honestly not that big a deal. 
1. They are doing a very good job at hiding it. (after the first few minutes I barely noticed it)
2. If it's something as little as that, why even complain?  To me it's not that big a deal but I will say this, if you're going to mention it remember to do so in a polite and kind manner without being rude. 

My only dislike would be that nurse Faith wasn't in it at all, but I know she was filming another movie at the time so I completely understand!
 I would give this movie 10 out of 10 stars! And remember, When Calls The Heart season 5 officially starts airing on February 18!
Readers, please share your favorite moments from this movie below!  I'd love to hear them.
Thanks for reading!

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