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Moments with Mercy - Interview with Pascale Hutton!

Hi Hearties, I am so excited to share this interview with y'all! Pascale in my opinion is one of the most talented actresses out there today and I am so glad we were able to work this out. Before we go any farther let me tell you a little bit about Pascale.

"Pascale Hutton was born on June 14, 1979 in Creston, British Columbia, Canada. She is an actress, known for Fantastic Four (2005), Arctic Air (2012) and When Calls the Heart(2014). She has been married to Danny Dorosh since 2002. They have two children."

And now for the interview. 

Interviewer:  What started your interest in acting?
Pascale: My mom was always very theatrical, organizing neighborhood circuses in our barn and productions of Winnie the Pooh, so I’d say performance was just a way of life growing up.  It wasn’t until I was in university that I considered an actual career in acting. 
Interviewer: What drew you to the part of Rosemary? 
Pascale: I’d never played a role like Rosemary on screen before.  It was very exciting and invigorating to play a character that was so vivacious, dramatic and larger than life but that also had a vulnerability and heart to her.  I was very pleased to see in season one that Brian Bird, Michael Landon Jr., and Hallmark were always seeking out opportunities to show the complexity of Rosemary.  Everyone was on board for allowing this character to evolve and grow. 

 Interviewer: What do you love most about being on WCTH?
Pascale: I truly love the people I work with every day.  We have a wonderful cast and crew and I have formed many real friendships through this show that go way beyond a working relationship. 
Interviewer: Are there any character traits Rosemary has that you can relate to?
Pascale: I admire Rosemary's enthusiasm and gusto.  I like to think I walk through life with a similar passionate attitude.
Interviewer:  How do you balance work and motherhood?
Pascale: It’s a difficult juggling act not unlike the challenges every working mom faces.  But I love what I do and I love my children and husband to the ends of the earth so I make it work.  And I ask for help.

Interviewer: When you joined When Calls the Heart did you think it would be as popular as it is?
Pascale: I honestly had no idea that “When Calls the Heart” was going to strike such a chord with its audience.  It’s been such a gift, watching the popularity of the show blossom and grow over the past four years.  I’m thrilled to have been a part of it from the beginning. 
Interviewer: What do you think draws people to WCTH?
Pascale: People are drawn to “When Calls the Heart”and Hallmark Channel as a whole because it’s an escape.  It’s content you can watch as a family which brings people together.  And no other network is providing that. 
Interviewer: Is there a story you can share about meeting a Heartie that touched you?
Pascale: I have received countless letters from Hearties who have gone through, or are going through huge challenges in their lives physically and emotionally.  When I hear that our show was a bright light for them during this dark time I am always inspired.  
Interviewer: What is your favorite Christmas tradition?
Pascale: I have so many traditions but my newest tradition, that started with the birth of my second son, is a photo book that I write/make for them about their adventures during the previous year.  I’m hoping they will treasure these books for years to come.   

Pascale, thank you so much for doing this! Readers, I hope you enjoyed.